Is your cheating woman/wife driving you nuts?

There is nothing as annoying, insulting, disrespectful & heartbreaking as a cheating woman considering that you’ve given her your heart & trust… & believe me, I’ve been there too. With the current gender equality rights favoring modern women today, it then doesn’t come as a surprise that these same women are taking advantage of the situation by cheating on us behind our backs & being proud of it.

One woman actually told me that she was doing it for all the women that have suffered in the past male dominated world where men were allowed to have multiple spouses… yeah right! Like i was the one born back then!

Women can sometimes drive you nuts with their reasoning… they want gender equality yet they don’t wanna pay the bills or fix the car & stuff like that. They think that they can dominate us & get away with it… it’s sad though & i can’t help but pity their rebellious ways.

So what if you have such a woman that upholds feminism with utmost loyalty & she cheats on you? I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is… ‘I’m gonna kill that #@$@$*!’ but then again you remember that cops exist & that prison ain’t a holiday camp! So what next?

Confront her? That’s the possibility of having one heck of a heated argument… & the part that’s likely to be annoying is that she’s likely to start pulling out her justification cards like; you don’t satisfy her/ you don’t take her out often/ you don’t listen to her…. & the list goes on & on!

So if you’re stupid enough to fall for one of those cards, then you’ll have fallen to her level of foolish reasoning because that’s what she wants. Remember, she’s really intelligent & has learn’t some emotional intelligence from the Mexican soaps she watches every evening! And it’s been proven time & time again that emotional intelligence goes a long way in getting those sweet deals!

Jake is one of my buddies that shared with me his cheating spouse predicament. A 31 year old Bank Manager with a stable income, an awesome crib & a lifestyle beyond extravagance! He had this 26 yr old chick as his girlfriend & potential wife!… he gave her everything!

Lots & lots of money, a car, a crib… he even found her a job& paid for her college till graduation! But what did the ungrateful woman go ahead & do?

She cheated on Jake! But hey! It happens, all the time! Good guys end up being the losers & the bad guys… well…

I’ll do some research on that… meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the painful words of Mary J. Blige…

“Bad boys ain’t no good
Good boys ain’t no fun
Lord knows that I should
Run off with the right one”


Man up & decide!


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  1. well written post and I totally agree with the reasoning. Women should always thrive to be honourable. Goes down to biblical theory of receptors and soul ties.Grwat read!

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