INFIDELITY- The most tempting fruit ever

Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)

Okay, so here’s the deal… when i wrote “Is your cheating woman/wife driving you nuts?” I may have sounded a bit biased. So it would be unfair for me to remove the speck from our sister’s eyes without dealing with the log in our own eyes. All in all, no man likes  betrayal as I had put it earlier, yet some of us are guilty of the same. Or if you believe there’s karma, you might want to consider whether you cheated on someone in the past. And that past has decided to haunt you because you broke someone’s heart & thought you could get away with it.

Did you sleep with someone’s wife? Or did you betray your friend’s trust? Because I tend to believe that every story has two sides & every event has its cause…

In most scenarios , we tend to concentrate more on the accused & forget that the accuser also has his side of the story… a past mistake maybe… or a deep, dark secret that he/she guards each & every day. But we do know that sweeping the dirt & hiding it under the carpet is like prescribing a short-term remedy for a long-term predicament.

The world around you can suddenly transform into a system that’s out to crush you down for the injustices you thought were forgotten.
And maybe… just maybe… your spouse finds out through a friend {of a friend of a friend} that you had some dirty little secret in the past. Then she cheats & you bust her in the act… If she brings up your dirty little secret, whatcha gonna do next? So let me leave you with some bad boy lyrics…

“Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When they come for you…”