Virtual Nakedness- Women’s secret weapon

My High School English teacher once said:

“The human mind is sexually oriented.”

What he forgot to add was that a man’s mind is much… MUCH more sexually oriented than that of a woman.

Want proof? Alright then… where do you think I came up with this topic from? {tick-tock-tick-tock}

Okay guys… time’s up! The answer is the swimming pool! As i swam here & there in the campus pool, I couldn’t help but gaze at the wide array of beauties going back & forth with their bikinis.

And my oh my! My mind couldn’t help but explore what was beneath those tight, revealing things… (of course calling them clothes would be too decent & modest considering that brutal honesty is my style of expression.)

And my exploration went into my memory (of a past that I’m never proud of)… a high school past dominated by an addiction; Pornography -which we used to call ‘nopo’ in those hellish days( yes… my catholic boarding high school was the equivalent of a maximum prison).

Now, when you combine a fantasy/an imagination which is pornographic in this case with a virtually naked lady standing in front of you… then BAM! There you have it!

A naked woman is literary standing there looking at you innocently without a clue of what’s on your mind! (Or at least, that’s she wants you to think) And you didn’t even have to undress her!

Which explains why i aspired to be an Architect! Of course… not this kind really…

But the funny thing is that women love it! Because women crave for attention just like men crave for sports,beer…

Or even sex for that matter!

So they use this secret weapon called “Virtual nakedness”(Sounds like an app right? I hope Apple is reading this!)

And they know that men are born curious onlookers!

The funny bit about us (the curious onlookers) is this look we give that goes like ;”Damn! Did you see that?”

And the scantily dressed damsel/attention -addict goes like, ” yeah baibey!”

And then the same women go on & on about how men are dogs… blah blah blah!

And we continue seeing this happen over & over & over again! On the streets, in bars & worst of all… in churches!

I hope God‘s reading this!

So the next time I catch my 10 yr old son watching porn, the conversation may as well go like this:

DAD: Hey son! Why are you watching this?

SON: Here’s the deal DAD! Porn is every where! Look at what women out there wear these days?!

DAD: But they’re out there! They’re not in my house!

SON: And how about mum? Have you seen how she dresses lately when both of you go out?

DAD: Umh…

SON: C’mon dad… just this once!

DAD: Okay son! Just make it quick?

SON: Make what quick?!

DAD: No… it’s nothing…

(As DAD walks out…)

SON: Hey DAD?!

DAD: What now?!

SON: You can join me if you want… i mean… we rarely have a father-son time… right?

(And father & son lived happily ever after… enjoying women’s nakedness for leisure… they would later on enjoy prostitutes for a more practical approach… if you know what i mean…)



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