I have never seen real men that have impressed me as much the men portrayed in this epic movie


And may I add that this is my favourite movie of all time (after watching it like 10 times. I watched Home Alone like 5 times when i was a kid…)

If you’ve never watched this movie & you’re a guy, then you must be a fan of Brokeback mountain

But that’s not the breed of men I’m talking about!

I’m actually referring to hardcore barbarians that did what they did without fear or favor!

If you disrespected them (or their wives for that matter), crossed their boundaries, threatened them, demeaned them… you name it!

You had a lot to answer for! Because the punishment was absolute death without reproof!

And no men in the entire Greek empire had the zeal & the courage that outdid that of the Spartan warriors!

They had pride, courage, determination & commanded a lot of respect to both ally & enemy!

To some, they were dare devils… to others, they were suicidal maniacs!

But to me, they were the last breed of real men!

But look at the men we are today, surrounded by Judases & Doubting Thomases like this one in particular!

Stabbing each other’s back, stealing each other’s wives & not being our brother’s keeper!

What about when we’re depressed & stressed out?

We result to drinking & making desperate decisions that are catastrophic in the long run… to both ourselves & our loved ones!

What happened to the mentors & men that cared about their actions & decisions?

Because for every irresponsible act you engage in, there’s a kid out there watching you & taking note of what you do…

So quit whining & wondering where all the gay men, the pimps, the drug peddlers & the likes come from & look at yourself in the mirror!

Follow in the footsteps of Michael Jackson

And decide that you’re the master of your own life!

Then fight like a spartan warrior till the end…

Even when the odds are against you!

Thousands… upon thousands…

upon thousands!

Always remember, it’s better to die on your own two feet than live for the rest of your life succumbing to whatever challenges life hurls against you!

Nothing is impossible, there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel…

So quit being a coward, pick up your sword & shield & fight like a real man!

It won’t be easy, & it definitely might take long…

But in the end…

it will be worth the fight….

So let the cowards run…

& let the real men…



6 thoughts on “300…the last breed of real men!

  1. Thanks for the luv!
    And of course my favorite scene from the movie is when Leonidas looks at his wife – she shows her support – and he kicks the persian messenger down the well… such a good movie!

    1. yeah men! the movie is a true classic indeed! My favourite part was where the Persians shot the arrows to the sky till they blocked the sun… then someone made a joke about the Persians giving them shade!

  2. Fantastic style-illustrated pictures and narration,which comes out as direct speech and dialogue at the same time.i love the rhetorics and point of view..above all..interesting!a good read.

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