Hi there, I’m Mr. Dummy Dum!

& I’m a professional daydreamer with a passion for


Lately,  I’ve been watching how men & women have been arguing about who’s better than the other…

&  quite frankly, Mr. Dummy Dum thinks that this argument is getting  more complicated by the day!

But today, Mr. Dummy Dum is going to offer a simple solution!

That’s right… down to earth & easy for Mr. Dummy Dum to understand.

So let the daydreaming begin!


(This is the gender equality that feminists want);

Robbers break in;

Man screams…

‘Do something honey! I’m really scared!’

Wife shouts at robbers…

‘If you wanna mess with my husband, you’ll have to go through me!’


Then she beats them up like a sack of potatoes…

‘Ping!Pang! Pow!’

Oh… thank you!

Thank you so much!

 You’re the best honey!

If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead by now!

You’re my hero!



Mr. Dummy Dum thinks this is unrealistic

Infact this is a scene between Mr. Dummy Dum & His Mum.

Not Mr. Dummy Dum & his wife!

Scene two!

(This is what Mr. Dummy Dum recommends)

Robbers come in as usual, then…

‘These robbers have decided to mess with the wrong family, let’s show them what we’ve got!’

Mrs. Dummy Dum, you take the guy!

‘ And leave this one to me!’

Female Robber; ‘Aaaargh! Come here you coward…!’

Mr. Dummy Dum: Okay lady…I really don’t wanna hurt you but…!


Mrs. Dummy! Help!

Mrs. Dummy; ‘Don’t worry hun, she’s mine!

Come here you…!’


‘This will teach you to never mess with my man again!’

…to be continued.

Moral of the story…

There can never be gender equality…

But Mr. Dummy Dum believes that team spirit & mutual respect is the way to go…

That is… let the men be respected…

And let the women give the men a chance to love them without being too hard on them…

And maybe… just maybe, all the gender based disagreements will end.

And the World will be a better place…