You’ve got kids?

I’ve heard numerous cases of guys who date for a while then later on…

When things are going  on smoothly, the woman decides to break the ice!

‘Honey… i’ve got to tell you something…’

‘i’ve got kids…’

Many questions arise like…

Who’s child is it?

What were the circumstances that led to the children?

Was it rape?

Did she make a naive decision?

Was she a call girl/hooker/prostitute?

What kind of father are we looking at here?

A regular job guy?

An Average joe?

An inmate?

A drug peddler? A pimp? A gangster?

Many women who make such kind of mistakes expect the man to simply accept them on the basis of love, but let’s look at it this way…

Why did she have to keep it a secret in the first place?

Because most secrets are based of prior shameful events…

Many women at this point would accuse me of being inconsiderate because of their insecurities…

But these women should be careful what they wish for…

I mean, what if this guy that you love decides to give you a taste of your own medicine by doing something behind your back?

By, let’s say, having an affair….

Or by having secret financial deals because he’s lost trust in you…

What will you accuse him of?

Keeping a secret?

Not being sincere?

Being a liar?

Let me tell you what’s likely to happen…

You’re likely to blame no one but yourself,

& you’ll never understand why until…

you learn to be sincere with yourself.


2 thoughts on “You’ve got kids?

  1. I both agree and disagree with you.. Most guys DON’T want to date girls with kids, why? are they afraid of commitment? I have a 3 year old son, and i am by no means ashamed to tell everyone that i’m a single mom. The first thing i tell guys, is ; i have a son. I’m a package deal, take it or leave it.

    1. Well fridaamu,in my honest opinion; when it comes to guys dating girls with kids, it all boils down to whether the problems outweigh the benefits in the longrun because the psychological impact requires lots of guts… however, i admire your view on honesty. Sincerety from the very start is the key because it’s at the very beginning that the foundation of the relationship is established. Of course if the foundation has cracks of a hidden past, then that crack is likely to reveal itself when the pressures of life set it & thus the entire building is likely to collapse…

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