He’s on a leash & he loves it?! Why?!

If there are people I hate the most in this world, it’s those that edify themselves so as to subdue those around them… the kind that exercise psychological manipulation in order to gain complete control over their slaves. But there are guys that just love slavery because of the benefits that come with it!

I mean, they tell me straight to my face that they’re slaves that just love being slaves! They’re just normal guys like you & me that dwell among us!

But in reality, these men are under a leash… it’s like mind control or something….

However, today I’ll focus on the big 3 based on my personal statistics…

So let’s start with leash #1…

1)Financial leash

(The Cougar Edition)

When everyone talks about gold diggers, the first thing that comes to mind is women; but from my recent interactions with guys of late, it seems that the gold digging has struck a gender balance. Some are gay with an expensive taste… but most fall into the category of sugar mum addicts. And by sugar mums we do not mean the ugly 65 yr old;

I’m talking about a financially stable, hot & sexy 35 year old with a stable financial source of income & a castle befit for a princess. liberated women that just love controlling men; & not necessarily feminists in this case…

The guys in such relationships don’t mind being controlled as long as there’s money in the bank, a car, a crib & the sex is great!

2)The sexual leash

(The Blonde’s Edition)

Speaking of great sex, there are financially loaded guys that don’t believe in relationships… The kind that don’t trust women (at all) & have frequent random sex…

 & then one day;

They come across this mouth watering vixen from nowhere & the guy goes bonkers! One thing leads to another & after multiple sexual escapades with the blonde, the guy is so smitten that he obeys her every beck & call!

He buys her a car, a house, a huge diamond ring & before you know it…

The wedding bells are ringing!

And then he becomes just another victim of a post paid prostitute;

For those who don’t know what a post paid prostitute is:


3)Psychological leash.

(The intelligent woman’s Editon)

This woman does almost everything for the guy; cooking-beyond perfection; clothes-always clean & ironed; financial status- always living within their means/very stable…

But on the other hand this is the most dangerous leash of them all because the woman in this case is an alert & focused person that would exercise vengeance with utmost fury if the guy messed up!  And yet, the guy still wants her!

It doesn’t make sense right?

Until you realize…

That the guy has low self esteem!

I mean, where do you think the losers finally settle?

In the arms of a cougar? Of course not! Cougars want sexual satisfaction & the last time I checked, great sex & low self esteem don’t mix!

In the arms of a blonde? Yes… if he’s loaded… but look at the ugly billionaires? (names with held)

Which of them has a hot wife? (Once again… names with held)

In the end, the question still begs for guys on a leash…

No offence but…

Are you a dog?