Why overspend on the first date?


The worst nightmare for any guy out there is to take a girl out & not be able to pay the bills.

Worse still, it may be a guy that is forced to overspend so as to avert potential embarrassment. I’ve been there & I’m sure you’ve been there as well…

So, what are the assumptions that we make that lead us to makeing such a mess?

1)She knows my financial status;


I’m a great believer in honesty & when it comes to sensitive matters such as finances, this is the safest, most convinient way to handle the finance issue…

You’ll be more comfy & open in conversation since your honesty will reward you…

2) She loves me just the way I am;


This never EVER works… you’ve got to assess your current financial situation because this is the basis for the discovery of surplus funds to support both you & your lady.

Being single isn’t that bad… in fact, it’s much better than ennding up alone & miserable after the first date!

& last but not least…

3)Jokes aside;

A real man ensures that his ego doesn’t get to his head… or simply put, your words should go hand in hand with your deeds!

I mean, what’s the need of creating an impression that you drive this:


Only to appear for the first date with this;


What kind of first impression is that really?


Is your life a joke or something?