Don’t blame her, your perception might be the problem…

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this?

Sexy, hot, amazing… that’s me of course!

But let’s look at her from critical & demeaning point of view… shall we?

I’m sure  a potential opportunistic b*%$% may be the first thing that comes to mind…

Yet there’s that instinct that’s keeping you from pointing a finger at her… accusing her of being this & that.

A question that keeps lingering in your head & leaves you wondering…

‘What if  I’m wrong?’

What if my way of judging women has been too general?

Or what if it’s my peers, the media, my ego or my biased perception of women has been the cause of the problem?

What is really missing?

1)You don’t acknowledge that every individual is unique in her own way;

Many women say that men are dogs yet when you ask them about their father, or their brother,or their sons, or their male friends for that matter, the story changes. And why’s that? It’s because their perceptions make them narrow down to the particular character in question.

So maybe you judge the circle of female friends around you with prejudice because you do not acknowledge their individual traits. In the end, everyone’s character is as unique as his/ her fingerprints.

2)You jump to conclusions when you meet female strangers.

If there’s one major thing that I’ve come to learn when socializing is that looks can be deceiving, especially when you’ve met that person for the first time… a complete stranger in this case…

Does your mind have that bad habit of answering a question before it is asked? Do you always find yourself feeling sorry time after time after time because you’ve made chronic misjudgements about female strangers? Who knows? Your potential wife may be that beautiful stranger you always pass by everyday when you’re headed to work because your misconceptions have crowded your judgement…

3)She’s a woman; not a robot!

Of course there is a way that women generally behave; but that definitely has limits.

Think of it this way; soldiers generally behave in a certain way. But behind all the harmony, there’s distinction in character. There are cowards as well as courageous men. You go further & you’ll find gentlemen & of course dogs… i suppose.

4)E isn’t always equal to MC2!

This is the mistake that most of us make… just like the example I illustrated above.

Sometimes women do defy logic.

I’ve seen decent women acting indecent & I’ve also seen saints acting like sinners.

And in as much as you would like to be correct in your predictions, always remember that no one is perfect…

So the next time you point an accusing finger at a woman, always remember;

  3fingers are pointing back at you for your potentially baseless accusations.


8 thoughts on “Don’t blame her, your perception might be the problem…

    1. Signior Dugutigui; the misconception that sex is only about physical efficiency is what I’m trying to eradicate… it’s not just about driving the car; the natural chemistry between you & the car adds pleasure to the driving. And what better way to do that than to understand the car beyond the physical aspects of it… comprendeh!

      1. Eradicate???? Pretentious isn’t it?
        I think you still have a long way to go sexually speaking… being actually lost half way between anywhere and nowhere…in any case thank you, I think I will take you up on that sound comment…

  1. Then to your article. No judgement, just discovery, everyone with a clean slate.

    Do you want asexual women, and I am not saying you do as a matter of fact you don’t obviously.

    I want women that are as sexual as myself and maybe more.
    I am interested in human beings. We are after all animals first.

  2. wow redwheelbarrow!
    That’s a tough one…
    umh… i do not know where the aspect of asexuality came from but my notion was that understanding… especially through personal interaction with a woman is key before arriving at a conclusion as pertains to her personality.
    And when it comes to our animalistic side, it definitely has boundaries so discretion is advised…

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