Warning!Resolution Breach is Currently Being Processed!

Every 31st of December presents that cherished privilege to celebrate the 365day event referred to as a year; wild parties & family get-togethers are the order of the day as loved ones reminisce the past year & look into the future with renewed optimism. And with the optimism comes the urge to make resolutions.

However, what baffles me about resolutions is the angelic impression portrayed in them considering the questionable characters of the authors. It then doesn’t come as a surprise that at least 90% of the global population doesn’t fulfill its resolutions by the end of the year…

But resolutions aren’t just made at the beginning of the year; people make resolutions everyday yet they get carried away by the worries of life before they know it!

All this can be attributed to a work-in-progress… or a crime-in progress so to speak. A chronic resolution breach that has been going on for ages. The reason why we’ve not noticed it is because of it’s camouflaged state. It’s been happening right in front of us yet we’ve not been seeing it for the following reasons;

1)Self Denial;

No problem can be solved by denying its existence considering the fact that resolutions are pre-planned solutions to anticipated & existing problems. It thus wouldn’t make sense to recommend a drug prescription to a sick person that denies his problem because he’s likely to skip his medication.


The self-drive to keep on moving despite the obstacles along the way matters a great deal when it comes to fulfilling resolution goals. Indiscipline will prompt you to quit even before the journey begins.

3)Consistent Inconsistency;

You may have developed a bad reputation of consistently breaching resolution after resolution after resolution… this may be attributed to inconsistency in maintaining your zeal. A journey without a constant speed is likely to be substituted for another; & I’m sure you didn’t learn that today.


You may be the kind of person that has failed over & over again to a point where your mind is overburdened with pessimism… & by the time you’re close to the finish line, you find a sign post that reads;

“Dead end; impossibility confirmed… as usual!”

& last but not least;

5)Self doubt;

Do your conversations always begin with;

“If only I had this & that…”

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, then no one will believe in you.

Who knows?

Maybe it’s the self doubt that’s preventing your resolutions from flying…


2 thoughts on “Warning!Resolution Breach is Currently Being Processed!

  1. Nice post. I think you’re spot-on about why most resolutions end up failing. I think self-doubt is one of the biggest reasons people don’t make resolutions. You can’t fail at something if you never try. And a lack of self-discipline is the biggest reason why people fail them once they’re are made. People forget that you need to follow-up on every commitment that you make!

    1. Exactly. You’ve hit the nail on the head especially with the concept of following up. It’s no wonder that people repeat the same mistake over & over again without taking time to notice…

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