You made me do it you fool!

Everybody is responsible for his/her own actions, but when it comes to owning up to our mistakes, then that virtue become a task too difficult to deliver. Like when we feel that the mistake was triggered by someone that enraged us; this occurs especially when we’re tired & frustrated… when we don’t want to interact with anyone at all because we know that we’ll end up engaging in another argument. I’ve personally experienced two kinds of arguments; the ones that involve a controlled sense of rage & both parties are acting as complimentary thinkers. Unfortunately, most of the times I find myself caught up in arguments that simply don’t make sense!

 Such arguments can get really ugly at times… like when physical violence becomes a tempting option. But I do believe in preparing  in advance before you’re caught up by such a rude surprise. These pointers may help you in case you’re ever caught off-guard again;

You’re not a puppet of your emotions.

Anger can be controlling; particularly at that point when you feel like you’re about to explode. In fact,when you’re angry, you feel like control is slipping away as composure is gradually displaced with a sense of uneasiness & emotional anarchy. Because your concious mind looses it’s sense of the surrounding & focuses squarely on the supposed opponent.It then progresses from a reasoning session to a competing session & the only thing that’s on your mind is how to pin your foe down. From then on, the argument loses its meaning & a verbal fight ensues!

Getting physical ain’t cool.

In as much as you’re charged up to deliver that blow on someone, you should be steady enough not to make that mistake. Remember, both of you have lost your sense of composure & the verbal fight is turning out to be an ‘operation fire for fire’! So you can imagine what will ensue if you deliver that first blow, or slap for that matter!

Pent up energy needs an exhaust pipe!

Anger, just like lust, makes us get this humongous energy from nowhere… & the problem is that this energy builds up in this bubble of rage, gaining pressure with time to a point that it’s about to explode. For me, It’s taking deep breaths, pausing for a moment & gazing at my nemesis that makes me have that chance to cool down… then I later on go for swimming or cycling & use that pent up energy responsibly instead of wasting it destructively. For others, it may be a punching bag… How would you do it? I’ll leave that for you to figure out…

The less you talk, the better for you!

It won’t be a surprise that you’ll come across fools; & by fools I mean people who just want to argue with you because they find fun in simply making you angry. Or at times it may be someone who’s jealous of your achievements, status or maturity & has no other way of expressing that envy other than pissing you off. You’ll sense them in the middle of the argument… especially when they raise up irrelevant points that are contrary to the basis of the argument. It’s at this point that you should talk less as the argument progresses… always remember;

Whoever argues with a fool becomes a fool himself! Try as much as possible to avoid heated arguments at all times…


9 thoughts on “You made me do it you fool!

  1. Men are definately from Mars….women from Venus. When I listen to most couples arguing, they end up arguing about two different issues and the fight at the end is not at all what it was about in the begining. Hmmm! You are smart to get rid of excess energy. My son says it’s cheaper to have an expensive mountain bike than be at the therapists office every week. Ha!
    Have you noticed? Some people just want to be right! Good read. Tovah

    1. hahaha! your son’s remedy is so practical Tova… my dad taught me to count up to ten… he’s the most patient guy I know when it comes to anger, but unfortunately, I’m the exact opposite…

  2. Thanks for the pingback! Because of it, I found your blog. Some very interesting reading to catch up on. 🙂 Happy writing- (p.s. this is a great article. Love the fact that you lay some very tough things out in plain language)

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