The Feminine vs The Feminists


The first woman I ever interacted with was my mother; loving, kind hearted, caring & patient with my flaws & imperfections. And it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that this is also the last woman I would like to end up with; of course not my mother… but someone close to that.
And that my friends is feminine.
She’ll cook nicely for you & pamper you with love & affection.
Now, if you’re a woman & you think that this is impossible, then you’ guilty of being a feminist. Because feminists think that if they pamper a guy like that, he’ll end up being a spoilt brat! But hey! Here are some few pointers for you…

1)I never told you to end up with the bad guys!
I don’t know what it is with ‘liberated women’ who think that they can defy nature & get away with it! So they decide hey!
‘As long as he’s good looking, why should I worry?’
Because I can guarantee you that most ‘hot’ guys are just bad guys that don’t care whether they’re pampered with love & affection or not. They just love making women who worship them feel less of themselves… & then these hurt women become feminists & they conclude that men are dogs… so let me rephrase that;

3)Be Real!
Yes ladies… oh sorry… I mean feminists. Why do you let the media get to your head? Do you live in Hollywood or something? Or are you just too obssessed with being a perfectionist? First of all, be yourself & second of all, stop thinking that it’s the billionaire status that will make you happy… or that marrying an ‘usher’ is the only way to have a great sex life. Stop being a barbie & start acting like a woman if you want to be treated like one. Spend less time on make-up & social networking & find some time to learn culinary skills & stuff that make a woman A REAL WOMAN! It’s women who behave like naive little girls & wannabes that just want to control men for no substantial reason! If you don’t know how to treat & keep a man, then just stay a feminist…

3) Stop with the hating & start with the appreciating.
If only feminists would stop with all these ‘act like a woman, think like a man’ innuendos, then the world would be a better place. But today, it’s common to stand in the midst of women & feel like you’re surrounded by men! Enough already with the gender equality debate! Because it’s this debate that has carried away women for so long to a point of filling their minds with hatred against men…
You can hate the jerks, I second you on that! But please, I’m a gentleman… let’s work as a team! You learn how to handle me & I’ll learn to handle a lady like you… appreciation through complementing, not hating through competing.

And in the end, peace & harmony reigns, just like it was mean’t to be!

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5 thoughts on “The Feminine vs The Feminists

  1. I am sorry, but I do not appreciate your use of the word feminist as to mean that it is a woman who hates men.

    Feminism is not about hating men, and you implying this in your post is substantially incorrect. Feminism was born by women who no longer wanted to be seen as lesser in society because they did not have a penis. Women never used to have the vote, they used to work just as hard as men, doing the same job as a man but would get paid less than half what he got paid.

    Women fought against that misjustice to be seen as equal to men in society. I am a feminist, but I am not anti men. I love my man, and trest him very well. I am feminine, I love being feminine, and I love my man, but I am still a feminist, as I believe that he and I are equal, and that I should have equal opportunities to what he has in life.
    ^^ to see my post about feminism and what it actually means.

    1. Let’s be honest here. Male hatred-that’s the basis of feminism. Belittling men & making them feel like boys all in the name of gender equality! That’s why feminists love men that THEY can control… men on their leash! feminists want to control… the feminine want to compliment. I mean… feminists don’t hate men? That sounds so wrong…

      1. And even though I admire your view of feminism in your article, my claim is on the basis of the results on the ground… this isn’t a theory. There are many women out there misusing the power of feminism! IT’S the REALITY…

  2. Not really. Men for centuries misused the power of purely being a man. Some men just don’t like it that women are no longer submissive tools they can use for their pleasure.

    I think these big generalisation are very dangerous. This should be in your humour side of your site, not your serious stuff side, as your argument about what feminism is really does not stand up at all.

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