The Great Thinker


It’s only lifeless objects that don’t think… ants think, chicken think(including cowards) & most all, you & I think. However, we’ve never taken keen interest in our thoughts by analyzing them & determining their identity.
Interesting to note is that at times, we toss back & forth from one thought identity to another as we seek to relax our minds & take pleasure in the thought process.
But not all kinds of thoughts are pleasurable since they’re taxing & tiring in the long run. However, there are those that are pleasurable, lazy & outomated… that’s why I’ll start with the all time favorite thought identity;

The perfect moment for these kind of thoughts is when you’re bored & simply have nothing to do.
Then you decide to take a role in a movie of your choice & act as the all powerful superman that flies across the atlantic in seconds. Or when you imagine having a date with that girl of your dreams in the middle of an isolated island… in this case, you’re in mediocre control of your mind & most thoughts emanate from the subconcious; even the ones that initially seemed forgotten.

And by dreams I mean thoughts that emerge automatically in your sleep. Most dreams are completely products of the subconsious & are independent from our mind control; interestingly, while some dreams are just random events, most have hidden meanings. It’s up to the dreamer to discern them.

This is the breeding ground for ideas that integrate the concious & the sub-concious. Infact, it’s the most productive thought type. Billionaires can attribute their success to this thought identity in particular; because it’s at moments of brainstorming that we’re likely to think outside the box… & stand out from the rest.

This is the most loathed thought process because it limits & enslaves your thinking capacity to comform to the thoughts of the author. Makes one feel like a caged bird!
Though I’ve learn’t that combining brainstorming & studying keeps the bore away & makes the author’s thoughts seem more interesting.
All in all; imagination is the key to effective thinking… it’s the portal to omnipresence in the physical world.

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  1. These days I feel like it’s easy to let all the social media, advertising, etc. distract people from ever really thinking deeply about things. But cool post, thinking is important…. and its important to remember that its important!

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