Don’t just sit there… do something!


Life can be frustrating at times; pushing us to a coner & ensuring that we stay there just because we feel inadequate. We feel like some people in this world are much more favored by situations & resources than us & that life’s unfair.

Yet, behind that sense of hopelessness is that dream that’s been disturbing you for so long but you’ve trashed it just because it looks impossible to achieve.

So what do you do when resources, friends & acquintances seem to think that your idea is just childplay? 

1)Learn to connect with your inner spirit.
Let me first of all start by saying that religion without spirituality is powerless; & I speak this from a christian perspective. This world is not a spiritual world & believe me when I say that the more you try to please it, the more it tends to frustrate & belittle you; because it’s all about what you don’t have. Then you end up thinking that you have nothing.

And since we know very well that satisfying our wordly desires leads to more appetite for self gratification, we become progressively aware of the fact that we’ll never be satisfied; because even the rich & famous do cry & feel like someone’s always better than them.

But there is a world without competition, just like God intended this world to be. And of course this is the spiritual world; the cure to that emptiness inside you that cannot be quenched by any wordly desires.

Have a moment with your creator; engage in activities that bring you closer to Him & not the kind that are polluted today with secularism. The kind that make you dormant, or make you draw away.

It’s only when you draw closer to your creator that He’ll guide you on the steps to take. He’ll speak through the stillness of your heart… but ofcourse if the dreams is likely to draw you further away from your spirituality, then He’s likely to say; ‘Sorry buddy, try something else…’

2)Be at peace with yourself.
Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, anger & selfishness were major pillars of my instability. And so I learn’t to overcome them by using their acronyms; A.W.F.A.S.S.
Which implies that if someone makes me angry, I absorb that negative energy & let my heart settle before giving a response.
Similarly, when I face an obstacle that seems insummountable, I remember the ‘F’ & remind myself that psychological fears are just mind games I’m entertaining & I should shun them henceforth…

So maybe you dream is being held back by psychological & emotional drawbacks. It may sound childish, but writing them down & then memorizing them would really help. Because achieving your dream is a step-by-step process that has challenges along the way. Who knows, maybe the resources you need may be only a handshake away.

And with time, patience & tolerance, you learn to create that inner sense of peace with every step you take; speaking of which:

3)It’s your life.
Be your own boss, which means that you don’t always have to always seek for approval from others. At times (if not most of the times) friends will disappoint & discourage you all in the name of reality.

Like when I told my parents that I had written my book, their negative response really discouraged me. But they’re not the stewards of my life: in any case, they’re guests in my life.
I’ve had to source for a way to publish it, with or without their approval.

Yet, when it becomes a success, all the discouragers will be shaking my hand & giving hugs, reminding me why I ‘need’ them; of course I’ll smile & greet them (professional courtesy).

But I’ll be most thankful to my two unsung heroes. That is: God(Through my spirituality) & my inner sense of peace which provided refuge for me even when the world seemed to be against me.

So don’t just sit there & watch your dreams fade away… it’s time to wake up & do something about them.

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