With a tough economy & a future full of anxieties & worries, one tends to find it natural to quit; to put down the spade & give up. It’s especially a far much worse situation for men today. While majority of women today blame men for being cowards in relationships & being more broke than them, many discouraged men out there tend to wonder if there’s a way out. If this prison of exaggerated presumptions regarding what men ought to be is the torture chamber that we have been condemned to for the rest of our lives.
For instance, in the market sector today, it’s the women that dominate in terms of purchase of items & thus industries focus more on them than men;


from clothing, to cars, to accessories, women are progressively being given more leverage than us as we grumble with this concealed bitterness within our hearts that screams that the ‘gender adjustment’ should be partially blamed yet we can’t exactly point fingers as to how it’s affecting the economy.
I’m sure that women reading this article may be wondering, are they to blame? And here’s my answer, ‘Yes & No’.
In general, the economy is tough & so in general, we can’t blame women. But since my speciality is based on the challenges we face as men, I believe that it’s inevitable to blame women based on these three fundamental perspectives;

1)What a man can do, a woman can do better.
I used to joke with my buddies that my sisters would hint this ‘dream’ to me. That was 5 yrs ago. Today, we hate to admit it but why lie, it’s the women that are much better than men today; in commerce, raising families, socialising & finding jobs.


All that men have been left with is ofcourse the pride of having brains in the education sector… but that won’t be for long. Yet women want us to perform as the men that they ‘presume’ we should be. But how can we perform as men if we feel like lions with their tails between their legs, being conquered by their fellow lionesses? Wow! Talk of Girlpower. Guys, it’s real & it’s a fact that will take time before we admit that it affects us!

2)The Attention Deficiency
Ever since I was young, i’ve seen society focus on the girlchild; her struggles, her fears, et cetera. And guess who was blamed for all this… you guessed it! …Men of course! And since I was presumed to be a man from when I was a kid, the media, society  & women in general have had this finger pointed at men. So ever since I was a kid, I was blamed for being a man. On one hand, you have these set of rules regarding how ‘men should be today’ & on the other hand, you have these presumptions regarding how successful men should be. But how can we be successful men if we’re not allowed to be men… or better still, how can we be men if women decide to be ‘men & women’ at the same time? So what option are we left with except to be boys(straight guys) & girls(gay guys)? And finally…

3)Women’s wish that we never existed.
There’s no worse feeling that a man can feel other than that of insignificance. Yet women have been on the forefront in proving our insignificance; & they do this by being more aggresive in the workplace & raising families without men to prove to themselves & men alive that “Who run the world?”


So, as the economy grapples & wallows, it’s the girls that now drive the big cars, have the big bucks, have the big mansions & raise the future generation of boys & girls.
So one wonders…
Is there hope for men today?

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