Life isn’t easy… but don’t let that get to your head.


One thing i’ve noticed with majority of successful people in this world is that, they’re alone. Though the success they had longed for is in their grasp, there are crucial factors they’re yet to deal with. So, what factors are they? 

1)The Bitterness within.
Successful people do struggle to get to where they’re… or at least most of them do. Unfortunately, the bruises they encountered along the way to greatness are still embeded in their hearts. Though they’re endowed with skills that propelled them to greatness, they’re yet to learn the importance of healing their hearts. And thus, they enjoy their fruits with the memory of a bitter past still embeded in their conscience & hearts.  With time, they realise that no amount of materialism can bring that inner peace within because the solution to their bitterness is within them.
Infact, the bitterness within them keeps them so pre-occupied that they forget the essence of sharing their wisdom & secrets of success with others. Thus at the end of the day, no one can attribute their success to them because they were too hard on those that sought for help from them. And so when they grow old, they have no young person to look up to, because they never took time from their busy life schedules to nurture a young person to greatness.
Eventually, the success they had worked so hard for doesn’t provide the much needed hapiness, re-assurance & comfort in times of loneliness & retirement.

2)Letting the Bitter past infect your future.
Okay, so you had a very hard past & now you decide to give the world a taste of its own medicine. Does it work? Of course not! Because the past isn’t conditioned for the future; the past & the future are two totally different aspects of life that should be as differentiated as their meanings imply. Otherwise, that bad attitude may chase away potentially good friends & in their place, you’re surrounded by backstabbing, bitter actors that are there just to be associated with your success; only for them to dash for safety when life deals a heavy blow on your success. Materialism can never be a substitute for character; friends of character will look beyond your success & like you for who you are, but if you use your success as a shield & a benchmark, you’ll be surrounded by shallow friends that are only interested in enjoying the goodies  that come with your success. So don’t let the past bitter friendships affect future prospective ones. And finally…

3)Be Yourself.
The mask that you wear may be the reason behind your loneliness. People thus can’t relate to you because you’ve edified yourself as a god. So you & ‘your highness’ attitude may be the reason as to why you’re surrounded by wolves in sheeps clothing that plot to bring you down at any given opportunity. Your friends are a reflection of who you are out there. So if you want real results, be real. And you’ll have friends that teach you how to heal the scars of the bitter past. 

“There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.”[David Burns, Intimate Connections]

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