Passionless Pursuits- The #1 Ambition & Career Killer


Everyone in life has ambitions; most of which are beyond our grasp. However, with a tough economy & a bleak future in the horizon, one can’t help but notice the despair & unsatisfaction in the faces of the vast majority of the global workforce & unemployed as they head to & fro trying to make ends meet. Their frustrations are mostly vented during traffic jams; when all sorts of  unimaginable jargon of insults are hurled back & forth, thus contributing significantly to the rude mentality virus spreading rapidly across the global community. So why are people frustrated really? Because there’s more to this predicament than poor/unsatisfactory income at the end of the month. I have personally witnessed the poor being happier than the rich & well-to-do. So what is the secret of the poor?

1)Passionless Pursuits are likely to Compromise your Integrity.
See, when the work of your hands is an expression of your heart, then you’re least likely to compromise upon your integrity. Just like in University whereby we have a student studying medicine for passion whereas another studies medicine for its lucrative opportuinities.
The passionless pursuer of medicine is more likely to cheat in his/her exams & is thus likely to extend the cheating into his/her day to day life in future. But the one who studies medicine out of passion is even likely to do voluntary work because that’s his/her passion. Just like a river can’t stop flowing, a workforce with passion is likely to maintain the quality of its work & do it with zeal & integrity, come Economic boom or gloom.

2)Passionless pursuits will always be Tiring.
I made a mistake of studying a passionless course in campus; Economics. And that’s why I always feel tired even before I enter the lecture hall. It’s like a goat being dragged to the slaughterhouse. But I do believe that your ambition should be as alluring as your favourite food: meaning that you don’t love your favourite food because of its price, but because of its exquisite taste.
And quite frankly, I should have studied Psychology & Philosophy because when I read & meditate upon these, I do not get tired at all. (Infact, these two subjects have become my hobby.) Every article I post is so original & I never get tired; & why’s that? It’s because this is where my passion is. In fact, my friends make me laugh when they look for plagiarism in my articles. They just can’t believe that this blog is my original work: but that’s a topic for another day.

And finally,

3)Passionless pursuits replace the Depth in my life with Shallowness
All of a sudden, family is boring & close friends are insignificant. In fact, it reaches a point where you percieve life as a prison. Then you start entertaining suicidal possibilities. Then life stops being a challenge & becomes a competition. Then you start hating everyone who drives a better car than you/ lives in a better house than you / is more prosperous than you/ is more goodlooking than you…
And life becomes an endless meditation of how unfair life is…
Passionless pursuits will never make you happy; you’ll turn to alcohol, materialism sex et cetera
But if you pusue your passion, who knows?

You might bring heaven on earth without having to spending a dime!

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