The Lure of The Bottle- Why men Love to Drown Their Misery in Alcohol.


Okay, so as I reiterated earlier, men have too many
problems to deal with; most of which are hidden &
yet very real in our lives (Like the gender equality
quagmire). And to add insult to injury is the fact
that no one has the time to listen. And men don’t
like to be laughed at or mocked especially when
expressing their frustrations & challenges, no
matter how childish or immature they may sound.
Unfortunately, while ‘supposed mentors’ are too
busy to advise us as to how we ought to behave as
real men, most men are unable to face their
problems squarely. So a resounding majority
decide that the convinient way out is to ‘forget’
their problems. And though this strategy doesn’t
chase their problems away, it’s progressively
becoming the most preferred way to deal with
their problems, & here’s why…

1)Badly Bruised Ego
Many men today have badly bruised egoes. So you
can imagine how injured such a man would feel
on the inside if expressing his challenges would
lead to outright mockery & jittery from his ‘macho’
So whatdoes a such man do in this case? He call’s
his agemates on friday night & drinks to stupor. As
his heart becomes softened & the bruises of his
ego disappear in oblivion (temporarily of course) ,
he pours his heart out like a mad goat…
So maybe his wife beat him up, or he impregnated
some chick without his knowledge, or he’s jobless/
And as his drunk acquaintances nod in
‘unconcious stupidity’, the poor guy wishes that
the bottle would chase all his troubles away.

2)The Macho Man Principle.
Many men have been raised with the mentality
that ‘men don’t cry’! And so most of us are left with
no other option except to ‘cry on the inside’ as we
cover our hurt with angry tearless eyes,
discouraged faces & clenched fists.
And so with this in mind, when the hurt &
bitterness builds up, most men can’t help but wait
for that weekend when the embrace of the brown
bottle will chase all troubles away… or at least for
the moment.

3)The Cry Baby Factor.
No guy feels good when he’s accused of being gay
or a cry baby. But most men have this fear of
being mistakenly accused to be either gay or
outright crybabies (especially by women) when
they pour their emotions out.
So what the guy does is to clench his fist with all
his emotions as usual & look forward to that
weekend when he & his mates will be alone. That’s
the only platform in which he’s allowed to jump
here & there like a kid/ a wild monkey & scream
his heart out & be forgiven for it. Otherwise, we do
know that many people today are experts at
gossip. Thus pouring your heart out to them
would tarnish your CV since the temptation of
describing how you ‘behaved immaturely’ is too
alluring to resist.

So, maybe addiction isn’t the problem; a guy might
just decide turn to the brown bottle because of its
expertise at tolerating his ‘childish’ behaviour &
keeping secrets…

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