Make-up can’t Cover-up for her Mistakes.


Today’s women are getting more beautiful & intelligent by the day as fashion advances with time. ‘So what’s worrying about that?’ You may ask. Well, men should be the worried lot. As the saying goes, when the deal is too good, think twice… or as many times as you like. Because behind all that make-up is a life story; of struggles, drawbacks, achievements & a hidden past.
There are many men out there searching for that someone that they’ll love & cherish for the rest of their lives. So they’ll go out & scrutinize to see which woman deserves their LOVE & TRUST.
And yes, most beautiful women are willing to share their struggles, drawbacks & achievements when you engage in conversation with them… but there’s that hidden past that she’s willing to protect at any cost; she may lie, make excuses & even accuse you of ‘hurting her’ & ‘bringing up the past’ just to hide that crucial information from you.

But men have got to realize that women are becoming smarter & more intelligent than us. They’re no longer our ‘juniors’. Infact, they’re better than us because they’ve learn’t how to;


Which means that they have the capability to lie & cheat without a second thought. So yes, let her hate you for wanting to know the truth & pushing for it. And here’s why:

1)You’ll have no one to blame but yourself if you find yourself in a ‘trap’!
So now that you’ve decided to fool yourself into becoming a ‘gentleman’ by not asking her the hard questions, you then agree to marry her. Then 3 or so years down the line, you’ve been trying to get a child to NO AVAIL! & you’ve been ‘Praying to God’ but He hasn’t answered (…because He doesn’t answer the prayer of a dishonest wife). So you go to the doc & he reveals to you that your wife aborted some few years ago. And what comes first to mind?
‘Why didn’t you tell me this?’
Better still, let’s add a little twist to the story. Your wife goes ahead to bribe the doc to tell you that ‘you’re a sterile man’.
So why get into a relationship with a blindfold on then later on cry to your buddies (who must have warned you by the way…) about how evil the love of your life is?

2)Your Life has no Reverse, & Time is Precious.
Okay, so now that you’ve messed up your life by marrying & divorcing a ‘skin-deep’ beautiful woman with a twisted past, you then regret all that precious time & effort you invested all those years & everything goes down the drain!
So… do I need to explain about how such wounds & trauma take time to heal?

And last but not least…

3)You may end up doing something drastic.
Anger, extreme jealousy & pent up energy are  lethal combinations that can produce a killer that finds it justified to kill. Many men have killed their wives after finding out that they’ve been played, or betrayed or the classical example of raising kids that aren’t their own. They kill because they find that their life has been wasted. Desparation & hopelessness sets in as life suddenly has no meaning… because your wife was your life; the companion that you were willing to die for.

So guys, does it really have to come to this?

(P.S.; I have no problem with ladies who’ve aborted or cheated in the past AS LONG AS they confess this crucial information to their spouses. Otherwise, dishonesty Is dishonesty. You may sugar coat it as much as you want, but the truth will haunt you until you confess it to the love of your life. The truth isn’t always pleasant)

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