P.H.D. syndrome- the emerging HATRED virus & global epidemic.


From the immediate set-up to the global
arena (& in social networking sites), a new form of hatred has emerged. Though you can’t point fingers at it, you can at least feel it. It’s the hatred that makes everyone around you a suspect: allies & enemies alike. I call it:

The *PIN *HIM/HER *DOWN syndrome…

So what symptoms should you look out for when tracing this complicated disease?

1)Embedded in Secrecy.
One of the symptoms of the PHD syndrome is the fact that those who want to bring you down may be the people that give you that broad smile every morning. Yes, they do even greet you, encourage you & nod their heads in approval, but behind that mask of love is a constellation of hatred.
They just can’t stand the fact that you’re good/better than them. That’s reason enough for them to pin you down.

Then there are those that have been better than you & you’ve been dependent upon them for quite a while… until recently when you got your own wings to fly, or you got promoted.
Or better still, you may have this project that can propel you to the next level, but they’re unwilling to chip in their resources because they know that one way or the other, you’ll end up being better than them.

The only help they’ll give you is that which will keep you within their level… unfortunately, they can be as close as your friends (on the ground & in social networking sites), parents, or even elders & spiritual/government leaders in your community that have all the means to propel you to greatness but perceive your ideas as ‘childish & immature’.

2)Competition vs. Challenge.
As I reiterated earlier in my article- ‘[Passionless Pursuits- The #1 Ambition &
Career Killer’] -People who perceive life as a competition are never happy. Always full of hatred, envy & jealousy, they can’t stand success that doesn’t involve them. So they’re never settled.

They’re always cursing in their thoughts & spreading hurtful words on the ground & in the social networking sites thus complicating the PHD syndrome. Their criticism is never constructive, but destructive.
And even if they succeed in pinning someone down, they’re never happy. Instead, their hearts are filled with regret, shame & pain.

Very few soften their hearts & ask for forgiveness. And unfortunately, a resounding majority go ahead to harden their hearts & cover up their devious deeds with ‘cooked-up’ justifications (& yes just like the devil, they’re capable of quoting the scriptures).

But those who perceive life as a challenge do know how to convert negativity into positivity. Though they may be envious & jealous at times, they use that energy constructively by engaging in activities that make them forget these hurtful feelings.

And yes, they won’t agree with everything, but they’ll offer constructive criticism without unneccessary hurt & make their opponent feel like they’re on the same side. Ultimately, they know that everyone is unique & learn to celebrate that uniqueness by encouraging them in their endeavours, however small & insignificant they may seem…

3)You can never be too sure.
Of late, I’ve realized that honest enemies are very good friends in disguise. ( That’s why Jesus told us to love our enemies). I detest dishonest friends with a passion because the last time I checked, good intentions never make a difference; like when your friend assures you of help only to ‘cook-up’ excuses in the last minute. Or they may even have the resources to help you but they just won’t because they lied to you that they had none.

So these can also be included in the PHD syndrome appendix because they’re neither hot nor cold. They just make you angry but you lack the words to express that anger. That’s why you can never be too sure who’s on your side (especially your relatives).
So you’ve always got to keep your guard high & pursue your dream. Despite the mountain of opposition along the way.

And if you can’t beat the hatred, adapt to it by disowning dishonest friends & forming closer ties with your honest arch rivals. The rivals that mould you with constructive criticism.

It’s said in politics that there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies… only permanent interests. So be very careful before calling anyone your friend. Because…

You can never be too sure about who’s contracted the PHD syndrome… they’ll cover up their syndrome/intentions with ARV’s of outward goodness, the kindest of words & with the broadest of smiles & applauds towards you.

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