How to make your life an exciting Movie.


Everybody loves movies because they bring excitement & fun into our lives; emotions that are quite rare especially during adulthood.  We long for them everytime their previews are showcased because they add spice not only to our mindset, but also to our ways of perceiving events that unfold in our day to day lives.

However, after the movie is over, one tends to wonder when the next episode of excitement will unfold. This is due to the fact that attaining that level of intense & consistent suspence, anticipation & adventure is a task that cannot be attained by mere automation.

Yes, I do concur that technology improves lives when we use it responsibly. But when we do not put boundaries in regards to dependence upon technology & we let it ‘think’ for us, then we tend to become more lazy, unproductive & unreliable.

Like watching movies all the time is automated excitement whereas reading novels, self-help books & blogs(such as this one) gives your mind the much needed chance to rejuvenate itself through imaginative & creative thinking. Giving you the power to create your own movie world, determine its sense of suspence,excitement & anticipation & ultimately, make your life a movie!  

So I prefer viewing life as a journey on the sea; just like the voyage of Columbus to America.
There may be times of storm & high tides; other days may be sunny & calm. But still, the journey continues.

1)Explore books.
As I reiterated earlier, books give you the imaginative power of creativity. They give you that sense of control & make you the captain of the ship. So that life is not just about looking for excitement, but also creating that excitement for yourself even if the wallet is empty.
Books lead to growth of character & determination in a tough world where self-encouragement is inevitable. You’ve got to learn to create that mood of excitement in your life because excitement isn’t a as a result of substance of materialism, but substance of character.

That’s why we use our money to buy tickets to watch music personalities & attend events in which we’re entertained by people; NOT MONEY.

Money is a means/tool of exchange of *VALUE (which is exploited from persons of character who have learn’t to tap into their imaginative & creative power). Yet adventure, suspence & excitement values have no boundaries. And guess where value is mined? Of course it’s from the mines of character!

Yes value can be measured with money, but character has no measurements nor boundaries. Infact, character is no respector of persons. So grab that book & read it with zeal & determination, knowing that building strength of character results in building strength of value; which is a total manifestation of your strength of wisdom & wealth of experience in life.

2)Explore Nature.
The world is not a coincidence; that’s why we call it an ecosystem. A biodiversity of flora & fauna that work in unconcious harmony to bring about a consistent rejuvenation of beauty, life & harmony among humankind.

And guess how I came to this conclusion? I personally wake up every morning & instead of watching CNN to be reminded about the global tension & economic depression; I go out there, feel the cool breeze & take a deep breath of fresh air just to remind myself how good it feels to be alive! Life is a priceless gift really… some of us aren’t that rich yet we never paid a penny for our good health.

Yet some of us abuse it & try to kill ourselves because of depression! Not remembering that there’s someone in the hospital wishing for a transplant.

3)Explore yourself.
Most of us care so much about people & events happening around us that we forget that this movie called life has a timeline & we are its ‘starring’. So we need to explore our physical lives & ensure that we eat well, keep fit, sleep well & dress well because image has a large role to play in regards to how people perceive us. Let’s not forget that people are opportunities in disguise.

How about our spiritual walk? Is our spiritual faith based on the traditions of men or the power of God. Because personally, (from a christian perspective) I think we have many churches today who’s beliefs are nothing but shallow traditions of men.

So I do believe in spirituality that’s based on the power of God; because this same power that keeps us alive with each passing day is the same power that’s capable of rejuvenating our spirits with persistent prayer & supplication. Ultimately, we belong to our spirits because when we die, our souls end up with our spirits in the afterlife as we leave our bodies here on earth.

But if you’re reading this, you’re alive which means you’re in a movie (that’s enough qualification to begin with). Remember,you’ve got to learn the skill of spicing up your life because good movies don’t come on a silver platter.

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