You’re the EmCee of your life…


Many of us read stuff yet don’t practice it. And that’s because we let our minds wander back & forth forgetting that this life is not only a journey, but also an event that requires a quality emcee. Yet we let this event called life be taken over by other emcees because we lack discipline, perserverance, energy & persistence in regards to how we ought to manage this event.

It’s not a rehearsal; in fact, once it’s done, it’s done; Our thoughts, words & deeds cannot be reversed. Time itself cannot be reversed.
Life is a once in a lifetime event & we ought to take over our personal lives by holding the mic & speaking to our minds instead of daydreaming. Because daydreaming exposes us to unnecessary moodswings, worryy, stress & depression. So what should we as emcees do to make our events leading examples to be envied & emulated by others?

1)Set the Pace.
When you wake up in the morning, you either rush or lag behind. Both aspects are as a result of control of the mind. Those who hurry up to indulge in their morning affairs are emcees who’ve learn’t to think for themselves by uttering positive & productive thoughts to their minds. They know that life is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Because good emcees don’t take their events for granted.

Even if the events in their life are discouraging, they know how to set the pace by not letting negativity get to their heads or hearts.
On the other hand, those who drag themselves in morning activities have let everything negative happening around them get to their minds & hearts.

And considering the fact that life is becoming more of a rollercoaster, they let this attitude dominate them. This means that their pace performance throughout the day alternates because they’re not in control as emcees of their minds & hearts.

They’re yet to learn how to toughen up with boldness, patient perserverance & relentless energy; key qualities required for emcees to set the pace of their events.

2)Set the Mood.
Good emcees know that having a good event requires a healthy lifestyle. Plenty of sleep for starters is very important to kickstart your day with energetic zeal. Healthy eating habits such as having a balanced diet & avoiding too much sugar, salt & choletrol are key to enjoying life.  Lot’s of water(not soda) & fruits rejuvenate the body & skin thus setting the mood for strength & attractiveness in the emcee’s life.

Plus, the emcee must have plenty of exercise to keep all internal body organs running smoothly & burn that bad cholestrol & sugar. This not only boosts health for the emcee, but it also promotes liveliness in the emcee’s daily endeavours.

Last but not least, emcees must dress to kill. Bad events have bad dress codes & good events have good dress codes. Better still, excellent events have excellent dress codes. Shoes polished, clothes ironed & neat hair are just the basics; just ensure that the five basic senses are satisfied accordingly.

Remember, fashion isn’t just an expression of the heart, but also a state of mind.

3)Have a programme.
It’s annoying when an emcee doesn’t follow the order of events. This inconviniences all plans made for the event & leads to shoddy & low quality results. Let’s not forget that a programme is inevitable for goal attainment.

Discipline is the programme’s engine & violation of the same produces numerous drawbacks & a mountain of disappointments in life.
Whether employed or unemployed, loaded or broke, you’ve got to create interesting & pro-active activities in life; just think about what your interests & ambitions are.

At the end of the day, an emcee gains wisdom & wealth of experience in managing daily events in his/her life.

If following these few steps doesn’t give you a happy & fulfilling life, then I don’t know what will…

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