Confessions of an Apple Junkie

Failure hurts.

But failure is a part of life.

My problem is that sometimes I let it define me instead of using it as a step-up to do better.

Today I found out that I didn’t pass one of my exams.

I wasn’t too happy. I was livid..but you can’t change what has happened;

I know I studied hard for it,

Maybe not as hard as I *should* have in hindsight,

But in an attempt to balance out my revision, one subject clearly suffered to benefit the other.

But you know what?

It’s okay.

The world will not end..and has not ended.

Failure is the one of the best ways to learn after all..

Everyone fails at something at least once in their lifetime..

If you didn’t..*in my opinion anyway* would you succeed??

Failure to me is not trying.

It’s falling down and staying down..

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