I am Blessed!


Oh yes! If you’re reading this, it’s another brand new day my friend! It’s another gift that has been bestowed upon us by the Almighty God… a gift so precious, so priceless that all riches combined on this planet cannot purchase it! It’s another priviledged opportunity to yawn & rub my eyes as I look forward to a brand new day!
So what’s so exceptional about this day? Did I win a lottery? No folks! I woke up… FOR FREE!

Yes I made mistakes! Yes I did mess up a few times the previous day! But the creator of the universe out of His bountiful grace has never lost faith in me! He still believes in me because He knows me better than I know myself… & if you think that’s a lie, please tell me the number of hairs on your head? Hmmh?

I may be having a myriad of challenges that may have been extended from previous weeks, days, months or even years… but the mere fact that I can lift up my face & arms is proof enough that I’m so blessed because I never had to pay God a single cent to keep my body running!

Insignificance in the eyes of man isn’t Insignificance in the eyes of God! I may not know why God has faith to keep me alive, safe & healthy with each passing day. I may not know why He loves me inspite of my mistakes… but one thing’s for sure! I will always be optimistic even in the face of a myriad of pessimism!

While the world is busy worrying about the future, I’ll put my trust in the one who makes this world exist. The everlasting King of Kings & Lord of Lords that caters for souls that are departed… something that neither the world, nor it’s kingdoms, nor it’s richest, nor it’s most powerful can do!

So while I put my trust in the Creator who has no limits, I won’t put any limitations to my dreams & visions… people will call my dreams fantasy & circumstances may be discouraging, but I’ll reach out to my destiny by speaking, thinking & doing positive; infact, I’ll faith it till I make it.

Because God may not be in a hurry, but He’s always on time! So I’ll patiently live with positive perserverance because I know that my attitude is not in vain.

As for now, I’ll rejoice & celebrate!
Regretably, some people may take their lives for granted because they measure their significance based on the substance of things, or influence. If only they knew that their biggest blessing is right infront of their mirrors, then they would know why I say that I am Blessed…

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