HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! A toast to our ‘Trinity Dads’!


The essence of responsible fathers in our lives can’t be emphasized enough. These invicible heroes make a huge difference in our lives; from the years of crawling on all fours to this present day. They’ve ensured that we grow strong & healthy as we gain in wisdom & stature.
However, the misconception that’s yet to be addressed is the notion that our genetic fathers are all that matter in regards to fatherhood. Celebrating fatherhood should go beyond the confines of flesh & blood as I propose a toast to these three fundamental Trinity dads.

1)The guardian


These are many men who have adopted kids & raised them as one of their own. Also included in this bracket are our immediate relatives who come to our aid when we need a guardian in emergency circumstances; from our elder brothers, to our elder uncles & cousins. Forgetting the influence imposed upon us by these ‘inviscible dads’ is a hidden injustice.

2)The Spiritual father.


Religion comes to light here as we meditate upon those men of cloth that advise us on how to improve our spiritual walk & incline unto godliness.

These men have at one point or another prayed for us in the past & corrected us on our paths to greatness. Forgetting these servants of God would be detrimental to our spiritual walk with God.

3)The Career Mentor.


These are the career bigwigs that we consult when looking for that promotion or making an important career decision that’s likely to affect us in the longrun. They’re the invigilators of our CV’s & the displinarians & advicers in career related matters. Their wisdom & wealth of experience have made us progress faster than they did; a sacrifice worth of praise.

But hey! Who knows? Your biological/immediate dad may be all the above…
Happy father’s day global citizens!

Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…