The Power of Composure.|


Life isn’t easy… & yes! I do know that you’ve been told that numerous times. Yet, everyone wants to make life easy. Everyone wants a heaven on earth BUT few achieve it. In a world full of myriads of disasters & chaos, one tends to wonder if a life of ease is achievable. Then we tend to look around & get affected by other’s moodswings. But one major character component that has to be mastered to achieve ‘perceived ease’ in life is composure. Because composure makes your endeavours flow naturally.
See, with composure, one gains three key foundations in life

1)Dependency Syndrome Degeneration.
Now your day got bad because your buddy, sibling or the love of your life made you angry, or sad, or depressed… or all the above.


Broken promises & outright lies are a daily norm in today’s society. They can’t be eliminated (for now). Friends & enemies will lie to you & make excuses. But you’ve got to realize at the end of the day that the results matter. You may have had good intentions of being lively throughout the day, but if you don’t learn to fight, you’ll definitely fail. So lean less on people, the media or close acquintances to make you happy. Instead, be what you want to be by being in charge. By being in control. By being composed.

2)Consistent Consistency.
So there’s this resolution you made in the course of the week to tidy your bed every morning.


But then, three weeks down the consistency line, you’re fired! Then the consistency of making your bed stops & before you know it, your bedroom gradually grows untidier. One day you wake up & you realize… wow! My room is so untidy.
Of course this is a basic example. But there are those activities, chores & duties we used to do until something happened. Then… we stopped. Then we started again… & stopped..& continued doing them with consistent inconsistency .

1)Character Identification 
Knowing yourself is the key to self-confidence.


Composure ensures that we have that unshaken character identity come what may. So that the next time you say that you’re a man of your own words, you make it happen despite the obstacles. Yes, I do know that sometimes we can be our own worst enemies especially in times of emotional swings. Like the money you promised to give someone suddenly becomes a figure too big to give ‘just like that’. Yet what we don’t realize is that when we betray our own words, we betray ourselves eventually since our character is weakened. All thanks to a massive deficit of composure in our lives.  

Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…