Is Polygamy a case of Vengeance?|


Apparently, many men are frustrated. Young guys especially. They wanna get married but they have numerous thorns in their flesh. Like financial instability, financial instability &… yes. FINANCIAL INSTABILITY. So forget these other excuses that ladies give about a guy not being tall, dark & handsome. I mean… how does that factor in itself pay the bills right?


And even if the guy is suitable enough but isn’t financially endowed, the lady will just want to be ‘friends’ with the guy till further notice.

1)So, is the ability to provide a key factor here?
In fact, the biggest blow to a guy is his inability to provide. Not his ugliness, so to speak… or his poor personality. It’s all about provision.

Yet these aren’t the medieval times when there was no money involved. Which means that if you don’t have the money, you can’t provide… until…


You get that well paying job. And you remember all the rejection you suffered because of your financial inadequacy. That’s when it hit me!

2)Isn’t that what the rich polygamous guys went through?
Rejection after rejection after rejection until… the six figure salary came by. And with the big paycheck came numerous ‘camouflaged’ wedding proposals.


Then the guy was like…
Hmmh… it’s about the money after all!
So he decides, (virtues aside) since I worked for the money, now it’s time that the money worked for me. (Considering that this guy toiled long & hard to get to where he is right now.)

And so he concludes that…

3)Tit for Tat is a fair game!
Hmmh… so if the ladies want financial stability, then I will give them abudantly for something in return. They will be my concubines or ‘Mpango wa Kando’ in Swahili. So besides provision for his wife, he will go for that naive young 20 something year old lady that’s hungry for money.


Yes, the same ladies that are willing to have sex with a lecturer for that first class honours degree.


And so here’s my point. When money substitutes virtue in relationships, then money RULES relationships. It then becomes the foundation & virtue is thrown out…

Where money rules, people don’t care about virtue or consequences.

That’s why rich polygamous men that chase after the money, instead of virtues won’t hesitate to cheat as long as things go their way. Including using their bitter past as a ‘justifiable excuse’ for their immoral escapades.



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