Materialism & It’s Side-Effects.|


Everyone loves gifts. Especially flashy & expensive ones. The complete & original package with a sufficient warranty time-frame. But at times, this ‘liking’ is taken too far.

I once read a saying that goes, “The good parking spots(men) are occupied & the rest are handicapped.” Which prompted me to wonder, have men been objectified & reduced to airplane passenger seats? Such that we have first class, economy class et cetera?

Unfortunately, this classification has pitched tent in our minds such that the ones at the top don’t wan’t to extend a helping hand to those at the bottom. Selfishness & greed have gradually replaced concern & mentorship.

Radical materialism has become the norm & thus, for instance, we have a new generation of golddiggers disguised as descent ladies who are eagerly waiting for the complete package without taking into consideration what the guy went through to get to the top.
And with that in mind, I want to zoom-in on the major side-effects of the materialism paradox.

1)Conflict of Interest.


I’m in campus & of late, its the ‘single ladies’ that are leading in infidelity. I’ve encountered many buddies who get frustrated & miserable whenever their lovers are snatched away by older & more financially endowed men. Adding insult to injury is the resolve that these ladies have without apology to continue with their vices.

“It’s all about the paper”, so they say. And so if the guy can’t pay the bills, he’s dumped without a second thought. Meanwhile, these hurt guys go for other worse options. While few remain faithfully single, others result to finding solace in homosexuality, sugarmoms & even prostitution.

These are the ‘fathers of tomorrow’ that end up becoming like those I described in the article ~’Is Polygamy a case of vengeance?’



The radical shift from care for humanity to care for self is rapidly destabilizing the emerging generation. Selfish & materialism wrecks families & friendships both directly & indirectly. The basic family institution is fast becoming an undesirable end to a selfish generation that’s obssessed with the ‘complete package’.

Morals & character have become ‘old school’ as sex, money & power become entrenched in trends & fashion. These three virtues of selfishness are indirectly communicated by what we wear, our words, our deeds & how we perceive different kinds of people.

Those who’s minds & hearts are soaked with selfishness will hide in the multitude of decency. Case in point is the fact that very few ladies will even want to be friends with ‘losers'(& I don’t need to define that) while a resounding majority are comfortable with being frenemies with the guy till he becomes financially stable.

In fact, the ladies that I can have a meaningful conversation with are very very few. Because many ladies today have been blinded by outward success. The kind that perceive financial endowment as a direct reflection of a strong character. The kind that manipulate their way to fame & fortune. And at times I wonder, are these really the mothers of tomorrow? Because I can guarantee you that if that’s the case, this generation is in for much more distabilization.



It’s inevitable to single out this factor. You can’t help but wonder what to expect from slaves of sex, money & power. But ultimately, betrayal is their virtue. This applies to both sexes. Friends betray good friends while replacing them with far much worse friends. It’s unfortunate that even your own best friend can turn out to be manipulators that use you as a mascot for their own personal gain.


All in all, behind these masks of materialism are hearts devoid of love; Hearts burdened with selfishness & loneliness. Hearts that suffer in silence. Hearts drunk with vanity. And if they don’t change, vanity will be their eventuality.

Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…


3 thoughts on “Materialism & It’s Side-Effects.|

  1. And so the tables have been turned! Writing as a 57 year old woman, my memories of the 1970s and 80s are similar to your current feelings….we were encouraged to pick from only the wealthy, top of the line males in the pack. I vividly recall the necessity of being fitted for contact lenses (preferably tinted) instead of wearing glasses. Oh horrors! GLASSES?! We were typecast as the dull, boring, classless, and ugly if our vision was corrected by the dreaded pair of glasses. I can’t tell you how many girls got in car accidents as a direct result of not being able to see because of not wearing glasses…go figure. Competition?! It’s there today just as it was yesterday and the day before yesterday! This is an absolutely fascinating subject that could be expounded upon for a very, very long time!

  2. It is as you say and it will continue this way until people change the way they live. Money is the ruler and people have lost themselves in the value of it. I for one have no use for money other than the required necessesities as I have found my life damaged severely by money and it’s effects.
    I am not want for gifts especially flashy and expensive as I prefer the simple and precious which come from the hand and the heart. A simple letter on the table in the morning saying i love you have a great is worth more to me than a pocket full of gold but children are raised to want and to have sex to find the love they cannot find from their parents. Tis a sad state the world is in.

    1. Indeed. I’m especially concerned about this concept of the side-effects of money. The threat is real, yet people assume it. And if sth isn’t done to eradicate their ignorance, then the pitfalls will be inevitable. Thanks for your contribution.

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