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Burials are usually disturbing for me. I hate them & I wish that they never existed. There are indeed mourners that mourn from the bottom of their hearts. But I particularly detest the drama that’s brought about by mischievous mourners. Yes, I’ve lost close friends but I rarely shed tears in public. I usually maintain my composure as I meditate on the good times we shared. 

However, I can’t help but wonder how corrupt heaven would be if mischievous mourners made it to the pearly gates based on their deceiving outward appearance. Some, if not most of them never knew the departed soul in person, neither did they ever interact with him/her. They’re the ones we should be keen & watch out for. So, who are they? 

1)Attention Seekers
Annoying(& sickening) as it sounds, some of these mourners use somber moments to gain celebrity status in the community. They dramatize their emotions in public, so much so that you’d think they’re being tortured at Guantanamo Bay.

One tends to wonder, why didn’t they wail & pour out their crazy emotions in the privacy of their bedrooms in the first place? What makes matters worse as I stated earlier is that they never knew the departed soul in person. So what really drives them to just scream their lungs out & act crazy. Do they delight in freaking out the congregation? Or do they think they’re doing service to humanity.

2)Joy Riders.
This is another group of mourners I can’t stand. They’re more of gate-crushers, so to speak, who happened to have known the bereaved family when it lost its loved one. No history of interaction with the departed soul whatsoever. In fact, the first time they knew his/her name is when the death announcement was announced in the dailies.

They’re so good at dramatization, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they rehearsed their devious acts on Broadway. Oh! How they will wail & mourn for the ‘loved one’. In fact, my theory is that these people are frequent burial attenders, restlessly scouting for burials month after month & faithfully attending them.

Most mourners in category 1 & 2 would fall perfectly in this category. Prominence of fame & fortune is what will propel them to attend the burial, hoping that they’ll eventually be given ‘something’ in return.
And so they’ll seek to impress with their expression of ‘manufactured’ pain & anguish, hoping that their impressive performance will earn them a chunk of the wealth left behind.

They’re wolves in sheep clothing who’s eyes drown in crocodile tears as their faces fake the anguish & pain they feel. Then we who are afraid of thinking critically about burials look on as these unapologetic theives disguised in decency take advantage of the bereaved family’s vulnerability & rob them right under our noses…

Yes, they’ll run, but they won’t hide when Mr. Death comes knocking…


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