They’re Unhappy, but they won’t admit it.|


This post will definitely annoy some radical feminists out there. But as confucius once said;

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.

Which means that it doesn’t matter how many speeches & manifestos feminists give in the limelight. What counts is that behind the scenes, these women are unhappy. And since we know that actions speak louder than words, you can’t help but notice this unhappiness in their faces & in their tones when they address ‘women’s issues’.

In fact, some of them have gone to the extent of calling themselves b*tches & applauding themselves for that.

Indeed, as days go by, more & more men have admitted to me that relationships are becoming unbearable generally because of this concept called feminism. I personally would like to add that it is indeed feminism without borders; including the abuse of priviledges & favours that come out of feminism.
So speaking of signs & symbols, let’s see the evidence of unhapiness…

1)Implications through speech.


I once saw this ‘Eve sisters’ programme on TV in which successful women were mentoring their female counterparts. And as some of them spoke, I couldn’t help but notice some unusual anger & emotional bitterness hidden within their words. Their advice was helpful & insightful, but behind that mask of good advice was an implication of unsettled & broken hearts.
Past broken relationships that may have proven men to be dogs? Or a childhood past consisting of an abusive father. I don’t know… but one thing’s for sure, most radical feminists still have scars within their concience & hearts. And one way of noticing this is through their implications of speech. 

2)Implications through Behaviour.


Let’s go a step further & look behind the scenes. How are the personal lives of these women. How do they handle a confrontation from a guy? How do they handle competitions involving gender parrity? Do they get rude & demeaning? Do they become proud & disrespectful? Are they spiteful? Plus, how often do they use feminism as a justification for unbecoming behaviour? Are they unsettled & restless? You be the judge…

3)Implication through misconceptions.


There are consequences of being a feminist & there are consequences of not being a feminist. Just the same way as there are consequences of being straight or gay. But a radical feminist won’t admit it. She’ll cover up the long term consequences with short-term benefits.

So let’s give an example of a lady who’s made it to the top by proving that “What men can do, women can do better” (Misconception #1)

Then she gets uncontrollable & irritable in all spheres of her life (be it social or business) to a point of not knowing where to put boundaries when it comes to having a feministic perception of situations & phenomena in life. Indeed, she’s applauded in the limelight but in the end, she chases away potential suitors & maybe… just maybe, substitutes them with toy-boys. What does she think about her life? “She is her own boss/ In control/ Independent” (Misconception #2)


Yet behind all the glory & glamour is a woman that’s sad & depressed in her privacy. But she won’t admit it. She has no option but to cry in secret. And why’s that? “Because sharing her predicament might compromise on her image because image is everything.” (Misconception #3)

Now one thing you’ll notice is that those misconceptions sound like good advice. In fact, it’s very good advice BUT, used in the wrong way.

In conclusion, I do not have a problem with ladies “Running this world” as long as they know that there are limits. Because these same men that are disrespected & demeaned are the same men that women look up to when they need to hear these three simple words;

I love you…

& if a woman doesn’t hear these three words from the man of her dreams, she will be unhappy & deny it… possibly for the rest of her life. But ofcourse, I’m sure someone is already saying;

“I don’t need a man to feel ABCD…”
Well my dear, it’s okay. But the signs & symbols in your life will speak for themselves whether you like it or not…


Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…


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  1. everyone has a past n daddy issues,men and women.Thats totally different from what the term ‘feminism’means.

  2. everyone has daddy issues and a past..male and female.there isnt any point of labelling every act resulting from experiences as ‘feminism’..too many notes on the same.

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