Are ladies Aiming to Far?|


That’s the issue that’s been ringing in my head for the past few weeks. It started when I noticed with keen interest some ladies in my hometown that we had grown up with &  had found their knights in shining armour in the “diaspora”, or greener pastures so to speak, but were expressing anguish & regret in their faces.

These ladies looked at “us”, the “local breed” & found us worthless compared to their wildest dreams of what their men ought to be. When we treated them like nice guys, they perceived us as outright sissies & losers. And so, their adolescent wishes for bad boys were fulfilled. Only that the bad boys were enjoying their attention, punishing them for it & even going to the extent of cohabiting right in their faces.

So anyhow, I’m personally one of those guys who were ugly ducklings when I was a toddler but emerged “from nowhere” to become one of the select few handsome in our locality.

That’s why the ladies that disqualified us in the past are baffled by what we’ve become & what we’ve achieved in the present. As they greet us with respect, their faces express admiration & regret simultaneously.

So, what’s really going on? What’s causing all this to happen?

1)Celebrity Palsy


And no, its not celebral palsy. The media is largely to blame for this mirage that every lady on the face of this planet can marry a “Herculees”. Adding insult to injury is the fact that modern society is so inclined to the media, such that critical realistic thinking has been gradually replaced with “the flow”.

Such that what we have today aren’t young women. Instead we have barbie dolls locked in deceptive boxes of unrealistic expectations. Do I need to explain further? 

2)Ignorance is bliss… temporary bliss


So yeah, I have two adolescent sisters at home that are turning out to be barbie dolls after all. For them, life is about celebrities, entertainment & fun basically. When I try giving them serious advice, they result to their expertise of turning a moment of serious talk into a session of mockery &  jokes.

Culinary skills & house work is a burdensome obligation that they look down on with pessimism. What’s important for them is the celebrity life manifested through the screen & unfortunately, that’s the life they aim for.

And since I’ve grown with them & studied them keenly, I can predict that they’ll be that generation that expects all their husbands to be Justin Beibers who pamper them. But, they’ll be in for a rude shock when they get out of the safe clutches of parenthood & temporary bliss.

When they’ll be hit hard by the realness of life & come to consult their big brother, I’ll refer them to this “prophesy” which I hope will be proven false.

3)Change is a constant factor.


Videos are made everyday, but they do not experience change. The same smile you had recorded on tape five years ago will still be as fresh as it was back then when played today, which is what I basically call a plastic life mirage; a life devoid of change.

On the contrary, when it comes to reality, people change, situations change & economies change as long as we are bound by the realm of time. Every second, a record 200 chemical reactions happen inside our bodies.

I see so many ladies today full of illusions. They’re the kind that expect a husband in this day & age to come for them & solve their problems by settling down & starting a family in a season of tough economies.

The kind that think that feministic liberation without accountability won’t destabilize the family unit as we know it. The kind that are too hot headed to grasp the fact that there are long term consequences to infidelity, posting nudity online, materialism & abortions.

The kind that want to dominate the planet by demeaning men & still expect stability in society & in their personal lives.


Isn’t that aiming too far?

Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…


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