Meanwhile… as we ceaselessly complain.|


It’s interesting how people perceive life in such diverse ways that you would be forgiven for thinking that they live in different planets.

From the Greeks who’ve lost their jobs & bear the brunt of the Euro crisis, to the Chinese billionaires who rake in lots & lots of money year after year from exporting Chinese versions of original products, these people perceive life differently.

Yet, despite all this wide array of differences in perception, one factor still remains. Everybody has a reason to complain. I mean, even you & I have a reason to complain.

Whenever we open our eyes each morning, our minds are flooded by tasks ahead & the obstacles we have to meet along the way. We think of the resolutions that we made last year that are yet to be achieved.

We think of disappointments & discouragements. We think of so many reasons to complain & justify as to why we are not at point “X”.

Of course, I’m not disqualifying all complaints, but here’s the deal…
1)While we ceaselessly complain, let’s do something.


I know its hard to start a viable idea without the necessary resources. That’s how I started this blog in the first place. No assurances, no support… nothing. Yet through it all, I soldier on. And that’s how life basically is.

No manual, no guidelines, no warranties… all these are yours to mould & create. Making matters worse is the fact that mentorship is on a sharp decline. As I’ve reiterated earlier in numerous articles, the world today is basically a game of survival for the fitest.

And therefore as you complain about this & that, make sure that something is done each & everyday. Because whether it pays off or not,  a difference has been effected in your life.

But before you do something, remember to…

1)Search within yourself.


Look at me, myself & I & ask yourself, what can I do to reap maximum benefits from my strengths & talents?  What are my OUTSTANDING credentials that separate me from the rest?

What can I do to offer that cutting-edge competition with self-confidence & self-drive WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY?

What’s that engagement that you would pledge alleagence to “For better, for worse, for richer for poorer, till death do us part”?

In any case, what’s the need of starting a marriage that will end up in divorce when times get tough? Unless, you’re a golddigger. And speaking of golddigging…

3)If you chase after money, money will run away from you.


When I was first told this, I got really bitter & angry because there I was, broke & frustrated, having chased & chased to no avail.

But haven’t you noticed that some people get rich for practically nothing but their passion! I mean, they started something & worked on it without a penny for maybe 2-3yrs or so them BAM!!!

Their project is now a money minting machine! Do I even need to mention names of renowned billionaire inventors in this planet? Plus, something interesting to note is that they definitely must have been mocked & discouraged by their friends & parents when they were “down there” working on their project!

In the end, they’re in control of multi-billion dollars companies. And why’s that? Because they pursued their passion & dreams & finally, their energy & persistence paid off…. did you get that… PAID OFF!

Their energy & persistence attracted people… & people are basically disguised opportunities to generate income!

So if you’ve been ceaselessly complaining, maybe it’s about time you looked within yourself & focused that precious complaining energy in the passion & dream that you believe in.

“Energy & persistence conquer all things” ~Benjamin Franklin

Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…