It’s a cruel world of Assumptions|


I’ve been in the modelling industry for past two years & thus, when I was crowned Mr. Kenyatta University 2011, I Learn’t the hard way that this planet has a populance that’s addicted & in love with assumptions & presumptions.

Indeed, there are those who make the mistake of judging others based on their outward appearance. It becomes more confusing when we juggle the blinding allure of outward appearance with the hidden character within.

The situation is further aggrevated when we jump to conclusions based on outward appearance, only to later on feel guilty when we realize that our assumptions were wrong after all. So let’s look at this assumption cruelty in three perspectives.

1)The Worldly Standards.


The world judges itself based on the rich & the poor. It’s all about what I drive, what you wear, where she gets her hair done & what family he belongs to. The world is basically drenched with materialism.

But pleasing the world without sound judgement makes us pierce & hurt ourselves in the long run. Because we hurry to make an impression to people who don’t care about our wellbeing at all.

And thus, for instance, when I was crowned, I was burdened with a myriad of expectations by the ‘cheering squad’ of students who’s only concern was what they would get from me. No one cared about the challenges I would face. All they wanted to see were smiles on my face 24/7 & an ATM that would hand them free money as they pleased.

2)Friends with Benefits.


So yeah, I was surprised that my friends were joining the bandwargon of assumptions & unrealistic expectations about me. They were all about ‘give me this & this & that…’ without considering the fact that my financial situation was practically unchanged.

They looked at the glitz & glamour & thought that I had been paid. But what they don’t realize up to this day is that I’ve never received any allowances at all. In fact, rumour has it that my predecessor has been receiving my allowances behind my back. But do my friends, the institution & the students at large care?…



So what does one do when the world & friends have burden you with a myriad of expectations?
Where does one run to when one is alone & abandoned because he/she failed to fulfil people’s unrealistic, imaginary & assumptive expectations?

Well, I sought refuge in a ‘virtual solitary confinement’, so to speak. I basically did that by radically reducing my interactions with friends & fellow students alike… BUT!

While I was alone, I must say that I got quite a few surprises from strangers. For instance, on the night that I was crowned, only one stranger came to my room, congratulated me & handed me some money.

Another stranger called Solomon Odhiambo helped me ferry my luggage from the Nyayo hostels to the main gate for free while we were closing last semester. He just grabbed my luggage & offered to help me while we conversed along the way like we had known each other for quite a long time.


I’m also making new legitimate friends from such acts of kindness by strangers like *Kibz, *Stanley & *Yohanas, *Roni, just to name a few…

And considering the fact that our country has tribalistic issues, none of my tribesmen ever brought me gifts of appreciation. None whatsoever except for a select few, if any.
(E.g.Solomon is Luo & I’m Kikuyu)


Even KU students from my hometown decided to fold their arms & simply hate me based on their exaggerated expectations & my (enviable) position of influence. Same case applies to the School of Economics, which I belong to.

I mean, what can I say except for the fact that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I’ve been hurt the most by those who are close to me, yet through it all, I consider myself a survivor.  

In the forthcoming Kenyatta University Culture Week Extravaganza, I’ll be handing over my crown this coming semester beginning September. I would like to take this opportunity to thank & apprecite those who’ve been supportive & real with me along the way.

In the end, I’ve come to conclude that it is indeed a cruel world of assumptions.


Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…


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  1. You have spoken nothing but the truth. Carol Atemi sings ‘hivi ndivyo mambo yalivyo’. I must point out that u also had high expectations coz am a witness, hop u remember. Nway take heart, forgive, but u can choose not to forget

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