It takes a STRONG character to CONFORM & say YES, but it takes a STRONGER character to DISCERN and say NO|


In my previous article,
“It’s a Cruel World of Assumptions”

I addressed the major challenge that I’ve had to endure during my tenure as Mr. Kenyatta University 2011. And that challenge has basically been the bombardment of unrealistic expectations in my life.

And after meditating on my confession, I realized that indeed, it takes a strong character to conform & simply say yes, but it takes a stronger character to discern & say no.

Because there are numerous profitable & lucrative offers that I’ve declined; tempting offers that many would not resist.

Offers that would compromise upon my integrity & corrupt my spirit & intellect.  
Did my so called “friends” think I was stupid for saying no? OF COURSE they did! In fact, majority of them did. Which made me realize that…

1)The Majority aren’t always right.


Despite the mountain of opposition that pushed me to the edge & made me look bad, I stood my ground & simply said… NO! Because a strong character entails pledging alleagence to your principles & integrity, for better… and for WORSE! Ultimately, I had to learn to be strong on my own by pruning out corruptible acquintances that were “taking me down with them”.
I do believe that making wrong decisions in life is inevitable, which of course I have. But the worst tragedy is to make the same mistakes over & over again only to become concious of the long term repercussions when it’s too late.
But in both situations, pain is a key factor and yes…

2)Pain is Inevitable.


The main prerogative entails what pain is worth the struggle & endurance. Saying yes without discernment has its long term pain that’s simply postponed but not done away with.

Saying no with discernment may come with immediate pain, but long term benefits, both temporary & eternal. But in both instances, character is altered.

And that means that I’m not the same as I was a year ago. Whether my character became stronger or weaker, that’s for you to judge from my articles. However, from a personal perspective, I’ve gained one crucial strength that has prepared me for bigger challenges ahead. That crucial strength is….



It takes endurance to suffer in silence & cover up the pain one feels in the limelight. It takes endurance to resist the allure of vengeance & turn the other cheek.

It takes endurance to maintain & keep your composure amid the flood of hateful scrutiny & criticism. Yes my fellow readers, it has definitely taken endurance to keep calm & composed despite the constant, betrayal, pain & disappointments I’ve experienced as Mr. Kenyatta University 2011.

Because some of my predecessors from previous years turned to drugs, carefree promiscuity & neglect of their studies. Yet through it all, by the Grace of God, I’ve kept my peace.

I guess we can’t help but blame the limelight for focusing so much on the glamour, that it blinds the populance from the challenges that influential people go through.

At the end of the day, everyone can be strong, but few have the strength & courage to stand out & embrace the task of being stronger.


Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…


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