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In campus, I hold a high ranking position in the student fraternity. And with that comes lots of responsibility particularly in regards to the image I portray.

This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that I’m occasionally given the task of hosting bigwigs & taking them on a tour around campus.

Indeed, I’ve met lots of people in the past year & made a positive impression on them.

However, as I deal with these men & women of influence & power, I sometimes get tempted to overlook certain key characters which though seemingly insignificant, make a huge impact in my life.

1)The Ordinary Student.


Yesterday on Thursday the 22, our campus had the priviledge to host a Nairobi based rock band at the Student Annex. As the students enjoyed themselves & drinks passed around, I couldn’t help but notice the attraction I was gathering around me.

Yes, this was one of those moments when I just wanted to be me & have fun as some ordinary guy but I couldn’t “hide”. As the show ensued & the rockband continued with its performance, I was headed to the washrooms when all of a sudden, someone stopped me.

He said ‘hi’ & added that he looked up to me as a role model. *Tom was his name. He also insisted that though he didn’t want to sound gay, he had been a keen observer of my style of dressing for the last two years & was really impressed.

A second guy joined in & said more or less the same thing. Both of them were tipsy & in the end, *Tom warned me against drinking too much lest I lose the respect I had built for so long.

2)The PR.


This week, I had a few meetings with the head of public relations in our campus. In one of our conversations, I told him of a particular predicament that was really bugging me.

See, my predecessor never introduced me to the relevant offices after handing over the office to me. Thus basically, most campus officials thought that he is still the one holding the seat almost a year down the line.

And so when I meet them they tell me,

“Oh yes, I like your hair that way, don’t do any crazy hairdo’s again…”

Because apparently, my predecessor used to have this long hair that he would occasionally plait & thus they think that “I have reformed”.

Of course, this ‘bad image’ scenario has really affected the functioning of the office since the officials have developed this sense of detest & skeptism against it.

At this, the PR manager Mr. *Paul laughed & insisted that I should always wear a tag that reads:

“I’m not my predecessor, My regards…”

3)The Administrators


Last week, I had the priviledge to meet the Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete as he officiated the opening of the new School of hospitality in our campus. The Vice Chancellor & some lecturers were present.

As the president shook hands with me, I couldn’t help but notice that the handshake was firm & confident as we exchanged warm smiles & pleasantries.

This to me spoke volumes. It showed the fact that he wasn’t disappointed & that my image had done its work appropriately.

Which reminded me of an earlier situation which took place some hours prior to the event.

As arrangements were being done at the vicinity of the launch, a campus administrator came to me & said:

“Hello, I see you’ve not done that crazy hairdo again… keep it up!”


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