When I treat her like a gentleman, I end up looking like a fool…|


Recent events have led me to the realization that there’s a ruthless breed of women that’s emerging. The kind that take advantage of men’s kindness… & to be more specific… good men.

You know, the gentlemen who treat ladies with respect & concern only to be thanked with a donkey’s kick. The men that care about ladies that don’t care about them. The men that are heartlessly condemned by the same women that they adore.

And yes, experience has taught me this because lately, I’m being accused of being a proud jerk for increasingly declining to offer my gentlemanly services to so called ‘female friends’.
Yes, the kind that are friends only when they expect something in return. And when you don’t give them what they want, they mock you by reminding you of your weaknesses… ESPECIALLY financial instability.

But hey, I don’t care anymore so long as I don’t become a gentleman only to end up looking like a fool… especially in these three versions.

1)The side-kick


Yeah yeah… I know. Sucks to be a side-kick right? To be on stand-by. To be that plan-B for your lady-friend. This especially happens to guys who are in platonic friendships… the kind that involve a guy & a lady being good friends.

Like for instance, a lady friend of yours calls you to escort her to a party when her boyfriend isn’t around. Or when she tells you to buy this & that for her since she knows that you’re a gentleman anyway… & may I add… a foolish gentleman for that matter.

Yet when it comes to her chipping in some cash to pay the bills, she brilliantly comes up with a seemingly justifiable excuse that revolves around you having to prove that you’re a gentleman.

Or she may even decide to go for the jugular by attacking your pride & esteem & referring to you as a miser & so forth.

2)The prolonged Ex.


It’s that emotional baggage of someone you broke up with a long time ago but still… you’re having second thoughts as to whether the relationship might be revived once again.

But here’s the twist. She says that she doesn’t care about you anymore & yet she expects you to treat her like a queen. She enjoys the attention you give her as you keep apologizing to her endlessly. The guilt that you feel about the mistakes you made in the past is her added advantage.

She’s now decided to become proud & arrogant as an act of vengeance.

In the end, you realize that you’re wasting your heart & feelings on a stone wall. But hey, what goes around comes around right?

In any case, every dog has its own day…

3)The Secret Admirer.


How about that lady you’ve been secretly admiring & have been friends with for quite some time now.

Only that you don’t know that she knows this.

So she decides to take advantage of your gentlemanly acts since she perceives them as acts of desparation. To her, you amount to nothing…

The worst part about this is that she doesn’t care about you at all. She sees you as a wierdo & mocks you as she gossips with her clique of friends about how this “desparado keeps on stalking her” & so forth.

She treats you well in private, only to deny you in the limelight. She makes you look like a psychopath that’s desparate for love.

In all three instances, one sees a ruthless game of psychology played on innocent men. The scars inflicted make good & innocent men result to vengeance through womanizing & so forth once they gain the status they’ve strived to achieve.

In the end, they’re like bitter, wounded lions that do away with being gentlemen since life has taught them that being bad guys is the only way to avoid looking like a fool.


Kiruai Dennis is the author of “Man Up Or the Women Will” which is currently available on Amazon. Terms & Conditions Apply…



5 thoughts on “When I treat her like a gentleman, I end up looking like a fool…|

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  2. Thanks for the related articles link. 😉 I think some women do take advantage of a man’s gentleness. But it’s not all women. The recipe is not to become a ‘bad boy’ but to find that kind of woman, who appreciates it and loves you for whoever you are.

  3. I’ve been pretty lucky in this department. My women friends mostly seem to get that, while I’m willing to lift the heavy thing and pump gas for them, I’m generally an ass that treats everyone he’s not humping with the same amount of mockery and sarcasm.

    Still, I’ve had “the prolonged ex” a few times. “Let’s be friends” never works, but sometimes leads to post-breakup coitus. Balance in all things, I suppose.

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