One thing I especially admire about my dad is that he’s been faithful to my mum throughout the years of pain & struggle.

On the other hand, one thing that I’m not admiring about myself lately is that I’m turning out to be the exact opposite.

As it turns out, being a player is becoming more & more of a viable option for me.

Though I’m not the kind that rubs it in the face of my potential fiancées. I do not believe in offense, & I’m surely not that heartless bastard that’s a total jerk when it comes to emotional matters.

1)I learn’t from the best.


Sometimes I wonder what women really want. Not all. However, many criticize men for being unfaithful & in fact, they go to the extent of generalizing men by concluding that ‘all’ men are dogs.

And yet, behind the scenes, these same women see different guys at the same time. It beats logic that such ladies are eager to remove the spec in men’s eye without considering that log of make up in their own eyes.

I’ve even heard of these Y-generation ladies (especially in their 20 & possibly 30s) cheating on ten guys at the same time.

And it’s not that these guys are too foolish to notice.

On the contrary, these ladies have developed the art of mixing a dangerous concotion of concrete,viable excuses with outright lies.

And the poor fellas unfortunately fall for it over & over again… but that’s not all.

2)Act Like a man, think like a woman… only when necessary.


Okay, first of all, I’m not telling guys to go gay. On the contrary, I’m reversing the law of Steve Harvey.

We live in a society where the gender playing ground has been levelled unlike any other time in history.

I once told some of my buddies that the y-generation ladies are more or less men in beautiful bodies. To which they laughed.

That was a year ago…

Now they tell a different story.

One great lesson I learn’t about women who cheat is that their greatest weapon of choice is gender underestimation. When a guy tells a woman that she can’t do one, two, three things simply because she’s a woman; that’s outright underestimation & an indirect invitation to a challenge.

In fact, experience has taught me that underestimation is the best, most effective camouflage for a cheating lady. Because if you catch her in the act. This ‘camouflage’ will be used against you as a man.

She will turn the guilt arrow against you & talk of how you don’t have time for her, don’t provide for her as guy ‘x’ does, satisfy her in bedroom matters & so forth…

That’s is just the tip of the iceberg as to how cheating women think… yeah ladies, I’ve been taking notes.

The rest is your homework.

Oh! And before I forget.

One more key lesson I learn’t as an emerging player…

From the best of course…

3)Let’s be friends.


Many men are offended by articles that describe how a lady decides to make you her friend, or her side-kick for that matter simply because you can’t amount to her.

And quite frankly, I find it quite cruel & humiliating to be that ‘Operation Standby’ till you ‘Become financially stable’ … or ‘Get a life’ for that matter.

Adding insult to injury is that they laugh about it behind the scenes.

Yeah… it DEFINITELY hurts.

But don’t you think that it’s fair justice if the other party gets a taste of its own medicine so that it realizes how ‘not-so-funny’ the concept is?

I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean by that. Right?

So here’s the deal. Everyone knows that break-ups are are unpleasant experiences.

So what I simply do is turn those ‘I feel trapped’ relationships into ‘let’s just be friends’ acquintances.

Problem is, it would take an entire lecture on psychology to explain this.

But as I reiterated earlier. Being a player is not the ultimate option for me. I’m an emerging player.

That is;

4)I’m at Crossroads

The direction I take in future will depend on the current y-generation of ladies that look like divas playing the role of future hopeless mothers.

The kind give good men less & less hope of ever becoming responsible fathers.

I know what it means to be a good man because I was once a good man…

Until I realized how naive I looked.

And just for the the record. I like how defines ‘naive’;

“Generally speaking , to be naive means you
do not think enough…”

Come to think of it, being an emerging player makes me think much more than ‘enough’…


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  1. Tough call to us women – we can be complicated for no apparent reason!!!!!! In my experience though, guys should just be straightforward about what they want.

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