Why are men so irresponsible these days?


A lady this weekend asked me,
Why are men so irresponsible these days?
This was my reply to her…

The biggest challenge for men today is the feeling of inadequacy.

The inadequacy to provide enough. The inadequacy to match up to a woman and have a stable relationship. And the inadequacy of guidance on how a man should behave in society. This certainly breeds frustration and desperation because despite man’s best efforts to overcome his inadequacies, he keeps failing thus resulting in a bruised ego.

And men with bruised egos tend to retreat to their safe haven to preserve the little ego they have left. And the safe haven of a man is of course being a mere boy that just wants peace of mind by enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Because certainly the last thing that a man wants is to be constantly bombarded with reminders of his inadequacies.

Like when society constantly pressurizes the man to ‘up his game’ and reach the standards of the empowered modern woman. And as we all know, the modern woman has sophisticated and egotistic preferences regarding men standards. Plus she is macho and unforgiving thanks to the advancement of radical and intolerant feminism.

So it’s not that men don’t want to be responsible. It’s just that society constantly reminds them of their inadequacies to the point where they doubt the little strength they have left in them. Ultimately, we cannot pride ourselves when the women that we are supposed to provide for are more responsible than us.

It just can’t work…



2 thoughts on “Why are men so irresponsible these days?

  1. I agree with you. I don’t think the answer lies in going backwards in women’s rights. I think what we are experiencing is an imbalance… maybe the answer is that we all stop going to extremes (such as women sleeping around while trying to be emotionally detached), and that we accept our God-given roles (such as women bearing children and men naturally havinf more muscle mass), and we both learn to appreciate those roles as equal in their own rights, all of this in addition to both sexes learning to take on new roles in order to achieve balance. Such as men cooking and cleaning if she is working more than him. Having children and being marries is about partnership, no matter who plays what role. Personally, as a woman… as a mother, I prefer to be home for my children and maybe pursue a career part-time because I have children. I think it is healthier for them and myself…

  2. What you’re saying is that women are better than men so men give up. I don’t believe that women are better than men.

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