Materialism & It’s Side-Effects.|


Everyone loves gifts. Especially flashy & expensive ones. The complete & original package with a sufficient warranty time-frame. But at times, this ‘liking’ is taken too far.

I once read a saying that goes, “The good parking spots(men) are occupied & the rest are handicapped.” Which prompted me to wonder, have men been objectified & reduced to airplane passenger seats? Such that we have first class, economy class et cetera?

Unfortunately, this classification has pitched tent in our minds such that the ones at the top don’t wan’t to extend a helping hand to those at the bottom. Selfishness & greed have gradually replaced concern & mentorship.

Radical materialism has become the norm & thus, for instance, we have a new generation of golddiggers disguised as descent ladies who are eagerly waiting for the complete package without taking into consideration what the guy went through to get to the top.
And with that in mind, I want to zoom-in on the major side-effects of the materialism paradox.

1)Conflict of Interest.


I’m in campus & of late, its the ‘single ladies’ that are leading in infidelity. I’ve encountered many buddies who get frustrated & miserable whenever their lovers are snatched away by older & more financially endowed men. Adding insult to injury is the resolve that these ladies have without apology to continue with their vices.

“It’s all about the paper”, so they say. And so if the guy can’t pay the bills, he’s dumped without a second thought. Meanwhile, these hurt guys go for other worse options. While few remain faithfully single, others result to finding solace in homosexuality, sugarmoms & even prostitution.

These are the ‘fathers of tomorrow’ that end up becoming like those I described in the article ~’Is Polygamy a case of vengeance?’



The radical shift from care for humanity to care for self is rapidly destabilizing the emerging generation. Selfish & materialism wrecks families & friendships both directly & indirectly. The basic family institution is fast becoming an undesirable end to a selfish generation that’s obssessed with the ‘complete package’.

Morals & character have become ‘old school’ as sex, money & power become entrenched in trends & fashion. These three virtues of selfishness are indirectly communicated by what we wear, our words, our deeds & how we perceive different kinds of people.

Those who’s minds & hearts are soaked with selfishness will hide in the multitude of decency. Case in point is the fact that very few ladies will even want to be friends with ‘losers'(& I don’t need to define that) while a resounding majority are comfortable with being frenemies with the guy till he becomes financially stable.

In fact, the ladies that I can have a meaningful conversation with are very very few. Because many ladies today have been blinded by outward success. The kind that perceive financial endowment as a direct reflection of a strong character. The kind that manipulate their way to fame & fortune. And at times I wonder, are these really the mothers of tomorrow? Because I can guarantee you that if that’s the case, this generation is in for much more distabilization.



It’s inevitable to single out this factor. You can’t help but wonder what to expect from slaves of sex, money & power. But ultimately, betrayal is their virtue. This applies to both sexes. Friends betray good friends while replacing them with far much worse friends. It’s unfortunate that even your own best friend can turn out to be manipulators that use you as a mascot for their own personal gain.


All in all, behind these masks of materialism are hearts devoid of love; Hearts burdened with selfishness & loneliness. Hearts that suffer in silence. Hearts drunk with vanity. And if they don’t change, vanity will be their eventuality.

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10 reasons why Feminism should be banned! (Part 1)


I’m going to be brief, precise & straight to the point here because this article is result oriented; & by that I mean RESULTS ON THE GROUND. See, it doesn’t matter whether the government pledged to create a million jobs, so long as it creates only a thousand, then those are the results people will focus on!
Because in the end, only a thousand people will be employed & not what the pledge dictated!
So let no feminist out there come to educate me about the initial purpose of feminism… I already know the details & quite frankly, they’re outdated as depicted by the results on the ground such as:

1)Escalation in gender polarisation;

Behind all the public smiles, hugs & handshakes are men & women that secretly hate each other. Marriages are on a downward spiral as divorce & infidelity thrives; why? Because marriage is a symbol of gender peace & harmony whereas divorce & infidelity are mutual symbols of gender anarchy & war. And I do hope that you’re taking keen note of the words SECRET HATRED; meaning concealed/hidden/camouflaged.

Results on the ground: Self denial, Escalating distrust in dates, relationships & marriage & Pessimistic & undesirable views regarding marriage with increased justifications of infidelity.

2)Neglected boy child;

In my book ‘Man Up or the Women Will’, I’ve clearly stipulated that the boy child is confused & forgotten. And why’s that? It’s because so much emphasis has been placed on the girl child to a point of forgetting & neglecting the boy child. What unfolds is that the boy child lives in uncertainty & insecurity as to what a man ought to be & his do’s & don’ts of treating a lady. So should we blame the boy child for arriving at his misconceived conclusions?

Results on the ground: Sharp rise in gay men, immature men, insecure men, violent men, irresponsible men & unfaithful men.

3)Confused girl child;

The same woman that’s supposed to be guarded & provided for is the same woman that disrespects her man. The same woman that wants gender equality is the same woman that can’t fix her car tire… the same woman that wants to be loved by her faithful husband is the same woman that treats him like a stranger by using the ‘feminism shield’ to argue out her cases against her lover & her best friend.

Results on the ground: Disrespect of husbands & dethroning of the man as head of the household based on her ability to provide more… please read this briefly before proceeding.

4)Lack of clear-cut boundaries regarding feminism;

Feminism was initially invented for work related issues. But then when it was extended into marriage, things went awry!
In any case, I thought marriage issues are supposed to be solved by MARRIAGE COUNSELORS? Because marriage isn’t a government institution! Government is full of distrust, corruption, conspiracies & unnecessary paper work. Feminism dehumanizes marriage; making it all about RIGHTS, not LOVE… the foundation of marriage.
Love conquers all by bringing peace & harmony; factors that would put feminists out of business… literary!

Results on the ground: Just like America craves for oil, feminism craves for gender right violations!

5)Feminism lost its meaningful purpose after the early 90s…
Developed & developing nations achieved the purpose of feminism in the early 90s. Then the feminists seeing that they had nothing to do extended their poisonous & destructive tentacles into the family.

Feminism today is MOSTLY useful in ghettos & third world countries where vulnerable girls are used as sex workers in modern day slavery… the family should have never ever been touched in the first place!

In any case, if gender equality is the noble cause of feminism, then why shouldn’t men be involved?! Why is it that people are blinded by the misconception that only feminists can solve gender based issues?

It’s about time feminists were replaced by *Gender Equality Activists; UNBIASED, FAIR & USEFUL to every man, woman & child on this planet!

And with that, I declare feminism:

So let the shoe throwing, stone throwing & mockery begin!

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The Feminine vs The Feminists


The first woman I ever interacted with was my mother; loving, kind hearted, caring & patient with my flaws & imperfections. And it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that this is also the last woman I would like to end up with; of course not my mother… but someone close to that.
And that my friends is feminine.
She’ll cook nicely for you & pamper you with love & affection.
Now, if you’re a woman & you think that this is impossible, then you’ guilty of being a feminist. Because feminists think that if they pamper a guy like that, he’ll end up being a spoilt brat! But hey! Here are some few pointers for you…

1)I never told you to end up with the bad guys!
I don’t know what it is with ‘liberated women’ who think that they can defy nature & get away with it! So they decide hey!
‘As long as he’s good looking, why should I worry?’
Because I can guarantee you that most ‘hot’ guys are just bad guys that don’t care whether they’re pampered with love & affection or not. They just love making women who worship them feel less of themselves… & then these hurt women become feminists & they conclude that men are dogs… so let me rephrase that;

3)Be Real!
Yes ladies… oh sorry… I mean feminists. Why do you let the media get to your head? Do you live in Hollywood or something? Or are you just too obssessed with being a perfectionist? First of all, be yourself & second of all, stop thinking that it’s the billionaire status that will make you happy… or that marrying an ‘usher’ is the only way to have a great sex life. Stop being a barbie & start acting like a woman if you want to be treated like one. Spend less time on make-up & social networking & find some time to learn culinary skills & stuff that make a woman A REAL WOMAN! It’s women who behave like naive little girls & wannabes that just want to control men for no substantial reason! If you don’t know how to treat & keep a man, then just stay a feminist…

3) Stop with the hating & start with the appreciating.
If only feminists would stop with all these ‘act like a woman, think like a man’ innuendos, then the world would be a better place. But today, it’s common to stand in the midst of women & feel like you’re surrounded by men! Enough already with the gender equality debate! Because it’s this debate that has carried away women for so long to a point of filling their minds with hatred against men…
You can hate the jerks, I second you on that! But please, I’m a gentleman… let’s work as a team! You learn how to handle me & I’ll learn to handle a lady like you… appreciation through complementing, not hating through competing.

And in the end, peace & harmony reigns, just like it was mean’t to be!

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Do I know you?

Our imperfections are a reflection of our authenticity. In fact, you & I are as different as our fingerprints… so to speak. It then doesn’t come as a surprise that pretenders are worse that murderers. I mean, most murderers maintain their authentic sense of character while most pretenders are opportunistic adapters of situations.For instance, wannabes act like their celebrity idols & blondes… like barbie maybe? Any how, It depends on how you classify pretenders.

However, there’s also a lethal combination of murderous pretenders… intelligent, cunning & witty! Don’t forget that!

Unfortunately, our best friends can end up revealing their true colors when times are tough for you; like when they abandon you when the cash cow runs dry, or when they underestimate your potential to achieve greatness in life by belittling & mocking your seemingly impossible ideas. But worse still, it may be the woman of your dreams that suddenly transforms into this… confused mangled wreck of character assassination!

But this mainly happens because there are certain aspects of a woman that we underestimate as men before we tie the knot & hence choose to ignore; these hidden keys are the critical factors that can make you avoid a situation where 2yrs down the marriage life, you’re like; Do I know you?’

  • Her background

Show me a cow that doesn’t grow horns & I’ll show you a goat that barks. Because my point here is that in as much as you would like the horns not to grow, they’ll keep on coming back over & over again. So her background, for instance,will be reflected in how much she respects you; but don’t expect any respect from a girl raised up by a radically feministic mother because despite the fact that she may hate being feminist, her childhood morals were backed by feminism. So one day she’ll lose it & the cool girl you had married suddenly wants a divorce. Her background is like her foundation; it constitutes her family, the events that transpired during her childhood (with potential trauma) & the nature of the environment she was raised in; was it violent? or peaceful? or harmonious? Please investigate thoroughly!

  • Her morals

Just because she’s sexy doesn’t mean that you compromise on her morals! The bugging question of how far is far enough for her really matters. How much baggage does she show off to attract male attention? Is she mature or are we looking at another potential Hollywood mess? Does she own up to her mistakes by apologizing & doing something about them? What are her foundational principles in life? Does she flirt with other men? Because I do know of women who think that it’s their God-given right to flirt a.k.a. sample greener pastures even when they’re in a relationship. But they won’t tell you… at least for the moment; until three years down the line she shows her true colors by action. Listen my friend, I do acknowledge that women need breathing space… but there are limits!

And last but not lease & very very important!

Here’s some straight up advice guys! NEVER MARRY A STUPID WOMAN! Even if snakes start walking on their two feet today! Stupid women think they know everything, are arrogant, don’t want to learn & are irrational decision makers… & potentially loose with guys out there! Yes I do know of super hot & amazing women out there who’s memorabilia upstairs is full of nonsense. Do you want to pledge your faithfulness for the rest of your life to nonsense? Think about it!

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Gender inequality solution for dummies!

Gender inequality solution for dummies!

Hi there, I’m Mr. Dummy Dum!

& I’m a professional daydreamer with a passion for


Lately,  I’ve been watching how men & women have been arguing about who’s better than the other…

&  quite frankly, Mr. Dummy Dum thinks that this argument is getting  more complicated by the day!

But today, Mr. Dummy Dum is going to offer a simple solution!

That’s right… down to earth & easy for Mr. Dummy Dum to understand.

So let the daydreaming begin!


(This is the gender equality that feminists want);

Robbers break in;

Man screams…

‘Do something honey! I’m really scared!’

Wife shouts at robbers…

‘If you wanna mess with my husband, you’ll have to go through me!’


Then she beats them up like a sack of potatoes…

‘Ping!Pang! Pow!’

Oh… thank you!

Thank you so much!

 You’re the best honey!

If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead by now!

You’re my hero!



Mr. Dummy Dum thinks this is unrealistic

Infact this is a scene between Mr. Dummy Dum & His Mum.

Not Mr. Dummy Dum & his wife!

Scene two!

(This is what Mr. Dummy Dum recommends)

Robbers come in as usual, then…

‘These robbers have decided to mess with the wrong family, let’s show them what we’ve got!’

Mrs. Dummy Dum, you take the guy!

‘ And leave this one to me!’

Female Robber; ‘Aaaargh! Come here you coward…!’

Mr. Dummy Dum: Okay lady…I really don’t wanna hurt you but…!


Mrs. Dummy! Help!

Mrs. Dummy; ‘Don’t worry hun, she’s mine!

Come here you…!’


‘This will teach you to never mess with my man again!’

…to be continued.

Moral of the story…

There can never be gender equality…

But Mr. Dummy Dum believes that team spirit & mutual respect is the way to go…

That is… let the men be respected…

And let the women give the men a chance to love them without being too hard on them…

And maybe… just maybe, all the gender based disagreements will end.

And the World will be a better place…