Do I know you?

Our imperfections are a reflection of our authenticity. In fact, you & I are as different as our fingerprints… so to speak. It then doesn’t come as a surprise that pretenders are worse that murderers. I mean, most murderers maintain their authentic sense of character while most pretenders are opportunistic adapters of situations.For instance, wannabes act like their celebrity idols & blondes… like barbie maybe? Any how, It depends on how you classify pretenders.

However, there’s also a lethal combination of murderous pretenders… intelligent, cunning & witty! Don’t forget that!

Unfortunately, our best friends can end up revealing their true colors when times are tough for you; like when they abandon you when the cash cow runs dry, or when they underestimate your potential to achieve greatness in life by belittling & mocking your seemingly impossible ideas. But worse still, it may be the woman of your dreams that suddenly transforms into this… confused mangled wreck of character assassination!

But this mainly happens because there are certain aspects of a woman that we underestimate as men before we tie the knot & hence choose to ignore; these hidden keys are the critical factors that can make you avoid a situation where 2yrs down the marriage life, you’re like; Do I know you?’

  • Her background

Show me a cow that doesn’t grow horns & I’ll show you a goat that barks. Because my point here is that in as much as you would like the horns not to grow, they’ll keep on coming back over & over again. So her background, for instance,will be reflected in how much she respects you; but don’t expect any respect from a girl raised up by a radically feministic mother because despite the fact that she may hate being feminist, her childhood morals were backed by feminism. So one day she’ll lose it & the cool girl you had married suddenly wants a divorce. Her background is like her foundation; it constitutes her family, the events that transpired during her childhood (with potential trauma) & the nature of the environment she was raised in; was it violent? or peaceful? or harmonious? Please investigate thoroughly!

  • Her morals

Just because she’s sexy doesn’t mean that you compromise on her morals! The bugging question of how far is far enough for her really matters. How much baggage does she show off to attract male attention? Is she mature or are we looking at another potential Hollywood mess? Does she own up to her mistakes by apologizing & doing something about them? What are her foundational principles in life? Does she flirt with other men? Because I do know of women who think that it’s their God-given right to flirt a.k.a. sample greener pastures even when they’re in a relationship. But they won’t tell you… at least for the moment; until three years down the line she shows her true colors by action. Listen my friend, I do acknowledge that women need breathing space… but there are limits!

And last but not lease & very very important!

Here’s some straight up advice guys! NEVER MARRY A STUPID WOMAN! Even if snakes start walking on their two feet today! Stupid women think they know everything, are arrogant, don’t want to learn & are irrational decision makers… & potentially loose with guys out there! Yes I do know of super hot & amazing women out there who’s memorabilia upstairs is full of nonsense. Do you want to pledge your faithfulness for the rest of your life to nonsense? Think about it!

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2 thoughts on “Do I know you?

  1. Interesting post once again Kiruai#Dennis! I’m all for feminism but unfortunately too many feminists cross the preverbial line and throw away their “femininity,” do you think they’re afraid of it or just don’t know how to use it in the right way? Either way I think it’s very sad. Tovah

    1. well tovah, i think that many women today are of the thought that displaying their feminity makes them feel insecure… unfortunately, what they don’t realize is that they’re overpopulating this world with men & enhancing a gender imbalance that may lead to a sharp rise in same sex marriages without discretion in the near future…

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