Don’t just sit there… do something!


Life can be frustrating at times; pushing us to a coner & ensuring that we stay there just because we feel inadequate. We feel like some people in this world are much more favored by situations & resources than us & that life’s unfair.

Yet, behind that sense of hopelessness is that dream that’s been disturbing you for so long but you’ve trashed it just because it looks impossible to achieve.

So what do you do when resources, friends & acquintances seem to think that your idea is just childplay? 

1)Learn to connect with your inner spirit.
Let me first of all start by saying that religion without spirituality is powerless; & I speak this from a christian perspective. This world is not a spiritual world & believe me when I say that the more you try to please it, the more it tends to frustrate & belittle you; because it’s all about what you don’t have. Then you end up thinking that you have nothing.

And since we know very well that satisfying our wordly desires leads to more appetite for self gratification, we become progressively aware of the fact that we’ll never be satisfied; because even the rich & famous do cry & feel like someone’s always better than them.

But there is a world without competition, just like God intended this world to be. And of course this is the spiritual world; the cure to that emptiness inside you that cannot be quenched by any wordly desires.

Have a moment with your creator; engage in activities that bring you closer to Him & not the kind that are polluted today with secularism. The kind that make you dormant, or make you draw away.

It’s only when you draw closer to your creator that He’ll guide you on the steps to take. He’ll speak through the stillness of your heart… but ofcourse if the dreams is likely to draw you further away from your spirituality, then He’s likely to say; ‘Sorry buddy, try something else…’

2)Be at peace with yourself.
Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, anger & selfishness were major pillars of my instability. And so I learn’t to overcome them by using their acronyms; A.W.F.A.S.S.
Which implies that if someone makes me angry, I absorb that negative energy & let my heart settle before giving a response.
Similarly, when I face an obstacle that seems insummountable, I remember the ‘F’ & remind myself that psychological fears are just mind games I’m entertaining & I should shun them henceforth…

So maybe you dream is being held back by psychological & emotional drawbacks. It may sound childish, but writing them down & then memorizing them would really help. Because achieving your dream is a step-by-step process that has challenges along the way. Who knows, maybe the resources you need may be only a handshake away.

And with time, patience & tolerance, you learn to create that inner sense of peace with every step you take; speaking of which:

3)It’s your life.
Be your own boss, which means that you don’t always have to always seek for approval from others. At times (if not most of the times) friends will disappoint & discourage you all in the name of reality.

Like when I told my parents that I had written my book, their negative response really discouraged me. But they’re not the stewards of my life: in any case, they’re guests in my life.
I’ve had to source for a way to publish it, with or without their approval.

Yet, when it becomes a success, all the discouragers will be shaking my hand & giving hugs, reminding me why I ‘need’ them; of course I’ll smile & greet them (professional courtesy).

But I’ll be most thankful to my two unsung heroes. That is: God(Through my spirituality) & my inner sense of peace which provided refuge for me even when the world seemed to be against me.

So don’t just sit there & watch your dreams fade away… it’s time to wake up & do something about them.

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10 reasons why Feminism should be banned! (Part 1)


I’m going to be brief, precise & straight to the point here because this article is result oriented; & by that I mean RESULTS ON THE GROUND. See, it doesn’t matter whether the government pledged to create a million jobs, so long as it creates only a thousand, then those are the results people will focus on!
Because in the end, only a thousand people will be employed & not what the pledge dictated!
So let no feminist out there come to educate me about the initial purpose of feminism… I already know the details & quite frankly, they’re outdated as depicted by the results on the ground such as:

1)Escalation in gender polarisation;

Behind all the public smiles, hugs & handshakes are men & women that secretly hate each other. Marriages are on a downward spiral as divorce & infidelity thrives; why? Because marriage is a symbol of gender peace & harmony whereas divorce & infidelity are mutual symbols of gender anarchy & war. And I do hope that you’re taking keen note of the words SECRET HATRED; meaning concealed/hidden/camouflaged.

Results on the ground: Self denial, Escalating distrust in dates, relationships & marriage & Pessimistic & undesirable views regarding marriage with increased justifications of infidelity.

2)Neglected boy child;

In my book ‘Man Up or the Women Will’, I’ve clearly stipulated that the boy child is confused & forgotten. And why’s that? It’s because so much emphasis has been placed on the girl child to a point of forgetting & neglecting the boy child. What unfolds is that the boy child lives in uncertainty & insecurity as to what a man ought to be & his do’s & don’ts of treating a lady. So should we blame the boy child for arriving at his misconceived conclusions?

Results on the ground: Sharp rise in gay men, immature men, insecure men, violent men, irresponsible men & unfaithful men.

3)Confused girl child;

The same woman that’s supposed to be guarded & provided for is the same woman that disrespects her man. The same woman that wants gender equality is the same woman that can’t fix her car tire… the same woman that wants to be loved by her faithful husband is the same woman that treats him like a stranger by using the ‘feminism shield’ to argue out her cases against her lover & her best friend.

Results on the ground: Disrespect of husbands & dethroning of the man as head of the household based on her ability to provide more… please read this briefly before proceeding.

4)Lack of clear-cut boundaries regarding feminism;

Feminism was initially invented for work related issues. But then when it was extended into marriage, things went awry!
In any case, I thought marriage issues are supposed to be solved by MARRIAGE COUNSELORS? Because marriage isn’t a government institution! Government is full of distrust, corruption, conspiracies & unnecessary paper work. Feminism dehumanizes marriage; making it all about RIGHTS, not LOVE… the foundation of marriage.
Love conquers all by bringing peace & harmony; factors that would put feminists out of business… literary!

Results on the ground: Just like America craves for oil, feminism craves for gender right violations!

5)Feminism lost its meaningful purpose after the early 90s…
Developed & developing nations achieved the purpose of feminism in the early 90s. Then the feminists seeing that they had nothing to do extended their poisonous & destructive tentacles into the family.

Feminism today is MOSTLY useful in ghettos & third world countries where vulnerable girls are used as sex workers in modern day slavery… the family should have never ever been touched in the first place!

In any case, if gender equality is the noble cause of feminism, then why shouldn’t men be involved?! Why is it that people are blinded by the misconception that only feminists can solve gender based issues?

It’s about time feminists were replaced by *Gender Equality Activists; UNBIASED, FAIR & USEFUL to every man, woman & child on this planet!

And with that, I declare feminism:

So let the shoe throwing, stone throwing & mockery begin!

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The Great Thinker


It’s only lifeless objects that don’t think… ants think, chicken think(including cowards) & most all, you & I think. However, we’ve never taken keen interest in our thoughts by analyzing them & determining their identity.
Interesting to note is that at times, we toss back & forth from one thought identity to another as we seek to relax our minds & take pleasure in the thought process.
But not all kinds of thoughts are pleasurable since they’re taxing & tiring in the long run. However, there are those that are pleasurable, lazy & outomated… that’s why I’ll start with the all time favorite thought identity;

The perfect moment for these kind of thoughts is when you’re bored & simply have nothing to do.
Then you decide to take a role in a movie of your choice & act as the all powerful superman that flies across the atlantic in seconds. Or when you imagine having a date with that girl of your dreams in the middle of an isolated island… in this case, you’re in mediocre control of your mind & most thoughts emanate from the subconcious; even the ones that initially seemed forgotten.

And by dreams I mean thoughts that emerge automatically in your sleep. Most dreams are completely products of the subconsious & are independent from our mind control; interestingly, while some dreams are just random events, most have hidden meanings. It’s up to the dreamer to discern them.

This is the breeding ground for ideas that integrate the concious & the sub-concious. Infact, it’s the most productive thought type. Billionaires can attribute their success to this thought identity in particular; because it’s at moments of brainstorming that we’re likely to think outside the box… & stand out from the rest.

This is the most loathed thought process because it limits & enslaves your thinking capacity to comform to the thoughts of the author. Makes one feel like a caged bird!
Though I’ve learn’t that combining brainstorming & studying keeps the bore away & makes the author’s thoughts seem more interesting.
All in all; imagination is the key to effective thinking… it’s the portal to omnipresence in the physical world.

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Why worry too much?

A lot of times we  do find ourselves caught up in that mountain of workload that frustrates us & keeps us second guessing on what results to expect. What ensues is that a myriad of fearful thoughts fills the mind as our sense of composure looses its ground. Our perception of the situation at hand become progressively pessimistic as time flies by & we feel left behind. Our senses of fear & worry spike up as we stay on our toes, expecting the worst but still hoping for a positive outcome. We then act like supermen by trying to juggle & multitask complex processes at the same time… irrationality gets hold of our minds & blinds us with the illusion that worry & anxiety will propel us to finish tasks at hand in a faster & more charged up way.

However, the worry ends up making us more confused & disoriented…

So what do you do to avert this mental commotion that engulfs you when you least expect it?


Yes my friend, it’s that simple! The problem is that we overestimate our predicament to a point where our inner peace is replaced by a rebellious sense of uneasiness… & so you think; “Oh my goodness! I need to do this & this & that right now…” it’s just like playing a game of chess & your enemy takes down the queen; then you start getting nervous & before you know it, it’s check mate! But you’ve got to learn to look for that sense of inner peace in the midst of a raging storm. Yes, the the situation is critical… but still… you’ve got to take that deep fresh breath of air, sit back, & just let the relaxation set in like a smooth flowing river.

Take your time!

Don’t rush… because its better to relax & utilize the remaining time wisely than waste it running here & there only to achieve nothing in the end. Imagine yourself in a room with a hidden bomb & you’re locked in that room. Your task is to find that bomb somewhere within the walls in the next 60 seconds… or else you die. Will you take your time to listen for any ticking sounds or will you start screaming for help like a mad man? Because you might be in the middle of the Sahara desert! So take you time… but don’t forget to…

Strategize ahead!

It would be pointless for you to relax, take your time & wait for the worst to happen. You’ve still got a chance to redeem yourself… but that requires  a PLAN! It will begin by a brief session of brainstorming; letting ideas flow as they please. From then, you narrow down the ideas to the most useful & applicable at the moment. Then finally, use those ideas as building blocks for your plan…

Remember, you’ve got to do all the above in a span of seconds because emergencies wait for no man.

Hope in the face of Despair.

Many times we do find ourselves dangling at the edge of a cliff; friendships on a downward spiral, unsuccessful relationships, debts at an all time high, financial droughts year after year, opportunity after opportunity passing us by, fruitless efforts… the list goes on & on. The point where our dignity is at stake & life seems only unfair to us as the undeserving spoilt brats get to live a smooth life & get what they want, when they want…

These are the moments of despair… moments that make time to slow down as the pangs of pain seem to be elevated & exaggerated beyond our prior experiences. And with each passing day, one tends to wonder whether he/she was born to suffer; & whether destiny had a grudge with them before conception. Do problems discriminate? Do they have an invisible source lurking somewhere? That’s a question for another day…

But for now, lets focus on your one on one encounter with problems. What do you need to withstand them?



Left, right & center, they’ll keep on coming. In fact, the more you progress in life, the more the challenges arise & sometimes they do come in humongous, complicated packages. It’s said that if you can’t take the heat, then you should get out of the kitchen; because it’s in the kitchen that the pressure keeps on getting higher & higher with every meal you cook. And the more experience you gain, the higher you go in terms of cooking more complex foods. However, it’s not always smooth sailing since you’ll mess up here & there as the heat & pressure keeps piling up & despair sets in. In fact, the mistakes you make may grow with every elevation you make! Such situations require a formidable mindset fortress that can offer the needed attitude back-up in case worst comes to worst! It definitely doesn’t come easy & it will require discipline to sieve out negative meditations that make you lag behind!


You’ve got to be willing to go through your challenges & realize that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Learn to convert moments of despair into moments of ‘a step closer to victory’ by meditating on thoughts that propel you to keep pushing on! Don’t back out because sometimes it’s not about whether you can push the rock… it’s the will that counts. Just like in the gym when you find yourself lifting a weight that seemed impossible to lift, yet your will pushed you to do the seemingly impossible!


There are moments of despair that are so hurtful, it feels like a dagger has been pierced through the heart especially when you dedicate you heart, soul & mind to accomplish a certain task. One is then left wondering as to whether it’s worth the risk to go higher. It’s said that once bitten, twice shy. But have you ever thought of not letting the hurt get to your heart? You’ve got to learn to guard your heart from unkind & ruthless surprises that may dampen your spirit & tempt you to throw in the towel… only to realize later on that you were ‘this close’ to finishing your sentence in the problems prison.

It’s these three tenets of strength in moments of despair that will give you hope, because your mind is like;

“When I get there, I’ll forget that I was in despair in the first place!’

Do I know you?

Our imperfections are a reflection of our authenticity. In fact, you & I are as different as our fingerprints… so to speak. It then doesn’t come as a surprise that pretenders are worse that murderers. I mean, most murderers maintain their authentic sense of character while most pretenders are opportunistic adapters of situations.For instance, wannabes act like their celebrity idols & blondes… like barbie maybe? Any how, It depends on how you classify pretenders.

However, there’s also a lethal combination of murderous pretenders… intelligent, cunning & witty! Don’t forget that!

Unfortunately, our best friends can end up revealing their true colors when times are tough for you; like when they abandon you when the cash cow runs dry, or when they underestimate your potential to achieve greatness in life by belittling & mocking your seemingly impossible ideas. But worse still, it may be the woman of your dreams that suddenly transforms into this… confused mangled wreck of character assassination!

But this mainly happens because there are certain aspects of a woman that we underestimate as men before we tie the knot & hence choose to ignore; these hidden keys are the critical factors that can make you avoid a situation where 2yrs down the marriage life, you’re like; Do I know you?’

  • Her background

Show me a cow that doesn’t grow horns & I’ll show you a goat that barks. Because my point here is that in as much as you would like the horns not to grow, they’ll keep on coming back over & over again. So her background, for instance,will be reflected in how much she respects you; but don’t expect any respect from a girl raised up by a radically feministic mother because despite the fact that she may hate being feminist, her childhood morals were backed by feminism. So one day she’ll lose it & the cool girl you had married suddenly wants a divorce. Her background is like her foundation; it constitutes her family, the events that transpired during her childhood (with potential trauma) & the nature of the environment she was raised in; was it violent? or peaceful? or harmonious? Please investigate thoroughly!

  • Her morals

Just because she’s sexy doesn’t mean that you compromise on her morals! The bugging question of how far is far enough for her really matters. How much baggage does she show off to attract male attention? Is she mature or are we looking at another potential Hollywood mess? Does she own up to her mistakes by apologizing & doing something about them? What are her foundational principles in life? Does she flirt with other men? Because I do know of women who think that it’s their God-given right to flirt a.k.a. sample greener pastures even when they’re in a relationship. But they won’t tell you… at least for the moment; until three years down the line she shows her true colors by action. Listen my friend, I do acknowledge that women need breathing space… but there are limits!

And last but not lease & very very important!

Here’s some straight up advice guys! NEVER MARRY A STUPID WOMAN! Even if snakes start walking on their two feet today! Stupid women think they know everything, are arrogant, don’t want to learn & are irrational decision makers… & potentially loose with guys out there! Yes I do know of super hot & amazing women out there who’s memorabilia upstairs is full of nonsense. Do you want to pledge your faithfulness for the rest of your life to nonsense? Think about it!

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“I hate relationships…” yours truly [single by choice].

The world today is full of lies & deceit & as time goes by, it becomes harder to get someone you can trust with your heart, soul & mind… love has become a misused term since the first thing that comes to mind when you think of love is sex. And that’s why this article in particular addresses men & women in equal measure. Single-hood quotes of bitterness are strewn all over the internet & yet we find ourselves dancing to the bitter tune when we have grudges with our spouses… or when we have grudges with the opposite sex in general…

So, if you’re single & then, it’s time for some soul searching with these hard questions;

1)Are you part of the solution or the problem?

How do you interact with strangers of the opposite sex at the work place, in events or in places of worship? Do you have boundaries or do you just find yourself flirting even before you’ve become acquainted with the person at hand. How do you chat with strangers on social networking sites? Are you sexually provocative in the way you dress, talk & present yourself in public? Because sex requires as much discretion as your nakedness… maybe it’s about time to start treating people around you as family… men as brothers & women as sisters. If you treat everyone as your lover, then you’re likely to appear easy, promiscuous & untrustworthy. Make sure you read this[Ugly Betty-The perfect woman in disguise! ] after you’re done with this article…

2)Do people perceive you in a way that you do not intend them to?

The people around you are partly attributed to the image you portray. As they say, birds of a feather flock together… promiscuous folk meeting in clubs;but it isn’t always that way. Sometimes it’s about opposite poles attracting; just like con artists love naive people that are ready for any get-rich-quick schemes that come by. So if you’re a lady & you’re always wondering why the wrong kind of men approach you, then you really need to check on your image… on the ground & online.

3)Who wrecked your character?

Good friends that stick to you through the tough times are hard to come by these days & it’s because we’ve compromised on character. We’ve let people with questionable characters infect us with bitterness & rage because they took advantage of our kindness, trust & vulnerability to a point where you find yourself in a state of confusion… because someone misled you & you lost yourself. Your male friend told you that women are gold diggers, or your female friends told you that men are dogs by nature… & you find yourself hurting & chasing away the good guys when you treat them as such.The former compassionate, kind-hearted,  loving & caring person has been replaced by this present ‘you’ that’s so anti-social & lonely; the person that wishes to go back to the former self… when life was happy & meaningful.

4)What/Whom do you expose yourself to?

This world is full of dangerous people & places that you shouldn’t be found. There is that limit you should instill in your life as pertains to how far you should go when it comes to mingling with people, or pleasing people, or even reaching out for that matter.  And I’m speaking from experience. I once had a friend whom I cared about… yet he just liked doing things to hurt me. It was like he was pure evil & he loved it. I’ve got another guy whom up to this day has blatantly refused to pay my debt for about half a year… & I always end up cursing the day I met such people, because I shouldn’t have met them in they first place.

5)Are you real or are you a stereotype?

Pretence must be the hardest thing to stick to. Especially when you embrace it as a way of life. Stop living a lie with the fear of losing friends & not impressing people… it’s emotionally taxing & depressing because your life is not real, your friends aren’t real… & the list goes on & on!

And last but not least!

6)Do you have foundational principles to stick to?

What are your foundational principles for being single? Is it because you’re angry? Or depressed? Or enraged? Or bitter? Because those aren’t principles… those are excuses. Give your life a meaning by doing things for a real reason… & stop being melodramatic all the time. It will only pile up your misery… being single isn’t bad, but you’ve got to have good reasons for being there.

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