Is your woman/wife a post-paid prostitute?

The prostitute I’m about to unveil is the one that you see every day; at work, in movies, in campus…  yet you’re not careful enough to notice her. In fact, you can’t point an accusing finger at her… at least for now until you’re through with this article….

This prostitute is smart, beautiful, intelligent, elegant…

You name it!

But of course, we’re used to the red light district caliber. You know… the ones that do it in the open…

The ones that eat, drink, breathe & carry themselves as pertains to the dictates of their profession.

At first, I thought that they’re the worst of them all.

Now… my perception about them has changed…

In fact, I’m starting to like them with each passing day!

Because there is another breed that’s emerging… the breed that’s good at covering its tracks after they’re through with their hit & run escapades.

The breed that looks for ‘financial stability’… & by financial stability, I mean lots & lots of money in terms  of a stable income. This breed thinks that it’s the most beautiful breed in the world; because of their sophisticated tastes, fashion & way of thinking.

This breed has been there since time immemorial… the reason why we’ve not noticed this breed of women is that first & foremost… they live among us & are closer than we think!

Practice makes perfect remember?

So if you have a female friend that’s used to extort favors from you all because she looks sexy… then you better watch out my friend because this woman is the #1 suspect!

And why’s that?  It’s because right there, standing in front of you with a sly smile & a cute face, is a potential post-paid prostitute…

Yes, the same chick you refer to as your potential wife because you have this chemistry & a lot in common & blah blah blah…

Then one thing leads to another & both of you get married… then you get kids & BAM!

She’s just hit the jackpot!

Arguments begin about how you work too hard & forget about the kids… then one thing leads to another (at this point you’ve not had sex for about  6 months maybe.)

Then one day you go to work & what do you find on your desk?

Divorce papers!

In the U.S., it’s the women that are leading in divorce cases… because they benefit a lot!

Child support funds, the 50/50 property sharing thingy…

And they even go to an extent of splitting you own firm 50/50!

Then the same woman finds another guy! Then the guy spoils himself with your hard-earned cash while you work your #ss out & live a miserable life!

And the post-paid prostitute creates an automated system of getting paid by you for the rest of her life!

Do you see now… what I mean by post-paid?

Be warned guys!

Don’t say I never warned you!


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