10 reasons why Feminism should be banned! (Part 1)


I’m going to be brief, precise & straight to the point here because this article is result oriented; & by that I mean RESULTS ON THE GROUND. See, it doesn’t matter whether the government pledged to create a million jobs, so long as it creates only a thousand, then those are the results people will focus on!
Because in the end, only a thousand people will be employed & not what the pledge dictated!
So let no feminist out there come to educate me about the initial purpose of feminism… I already know the details & quite frankly, they’re outdated as depicted by the results on the ground such as:

1)Escalation in gender polarisation;

Behind all the public smiles, hugs & handshakes are men & women that secretly hate each other. Marriages are on a downward spiral as divorce & infidelity thrives; why? Because marriage is a symbol of gender peace & harmony whereas divorce & infidelity are mutual symbols of gender anarchy & war. And I do hope that you’re taking keen note of the words SECRET HATRED; meaning concealed/hidden/camouflaged.

Results on the ground: Self denial, Escalating distrust in dates, relationships & marriage & Pessimistic & undesirable views regarding marriage with increased justifications of infidelity.

2)Neglected boy child;

In my book ‘Man Up or the Women Will’, I’ve clearly stipulated that the boy child is confused & forgotten. And why’s that? It’s because so much emphasis has been placed on the girl child to a point of forgetting & neglecting the boy child. What unfolds is that the boy child lives in uncertainty & insecurity as to what a man ought to be & his do’s & don’ts of treating a lady. So should we blame the boy child for arriving at his misconceived conclusions?

Results on the ground: Sharp rise in gay men, immature men, insecure men, violent men, irresponsible men & unfaithful men.

3)Confused girl child;

The same woman that’s supposed to be guarded & provided for is the same woman that disrespects her man. The same woman that wants gender equality is the same woman that can’t fix her car tire… the same woman that wants to be loved by her faithful husband is the same woman that treats him like a stranger by using the ‘feminism shield’ to argue out her cases against her lover & her best friend.

Results on the ground: Disrespect of husbands & dethroning of the man as head of the household based on her ability to provide more… please read this briefly before proceeding.

4)Lack of clear-cut boundaries regarding feminism;

Feminism was initially invented for work related issues. But then when it was extended into marriage, things went awry!
In any case, I thought marriage issues are supposed to be solved by MARRIAGE COUNSELORS? Because marriage isn’t a government institution! Government is full of distrust, corruption, conspiracies & unnecessary paper work. Feminism dehumanizes marriage; making it all about RIGHTS, not LOVE… the foundation of marriage.
Love conquers all by bringing peace & harmony; factors that would put feminists out of business… literary!

Results on the ground: Just like America craves for oil, feminism craves for gender right violations!

5)Feminism lost its meaningful purpose after the early 90s…
Developed & developing nations achieved the purpose of feminism in the early 90s. Then the feminists seeing that they had nothing to do extended their poisonous & destructive tentacles into the family.

Feminism today is MOSTLY useful in ghettos & third world countries where vulnerable girls are used as sex workers in modern day slavery… the family should have never ever been touched in the first place!

In any case, if gender equality is the noble cause of feminism, then why shouldn’t men be involved?! Why is it that people are blinded by the misconception that only feminists can solve gender based issues?

It’s about time feminists were replaced by *Gender Equality Activists; UNBIASED, FAIR & USEFUL to every man, woman & child on this planet!

And with that, I declare feminism:

So let the shoe throwing, stone throwing & mockery begin!

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Why worry too much?

A lot of times we  do find ourselves caught up in that mountain of workload that frustrates us & keeps us second guessing on what results to expect. What ensues is that a myriad of fearful thoughts fills the mind as our sense of composure looses its ground. Our perception of the situation at hand become progressively pessimistic as time flies by & we feel left behind. Our senses of fear & worry spike up as we stay on our toes, expecting the worst but still hoping for a positive outcome. We then act like supermen by trying to juggle & multitask complex processes at the same time… irrationality gets hold of our minds & blinds us with the illusion that worry & anxiety will propel us to finish tasks at hand in a faster & more charged up way.

However, the worry ends up making us more confused & disoriented…

So what do you do to avert this mental commotion that engulfs you when you least expect it?


Yes my friend, it’s that simple! The problem is that we overestimate our predicament to a point where our inner peace is replaced by a rebellious sense of uneasiness… & so you think; “Oh my goodness! I need to do this & this & that right now…” it’s just like playing a game of chess & your enemy takes down the queen; then you start getting nervous & before you know it, it’s check mate! But you’ve got to learn to look for that sense of inner peace in the midst of a raging storm. Yes, the the situation is critical… but still… you’ve got to take that deep fresh breath of air, sit back, & just let the relaxation set in like a smooth flowing river.

Take your time!

Don’t rush… because its better to relax & utilize the remaining time wisely than waste it running here & there only to achieve nothing in the end. Imagine yourself in a room with a hidden bomb & you’re locked in that room. Your task is to find that bomb somewhere within the walls in the next 60 seconds… or else you die. Will you take your time to listen for any ticking sounds or will you start screaming for help like a mad man? Because you might be in the middle of the Sahara desert! So take you time… but don’t forget to…

Strategize ahead!

It would be pointless for you to relax, take your time & wait for the worst to happen. You’ve still got a chance to redeem yourself… but that requires  a PLAN! It will begin by a brief session of brainstorming; letting ideas flow as they please. From then, you narrow down the ideas to the most useful & applicable at the moment. Then finally, use those ideas as building blocks for your plan…

Remember, you’ve got to do all the above in a span of seconds because emergencies wait for no man.

Hope in the face of Despair.

Many times we do find ourselves dangling at the edge of a cliff; friendships on a downward spiral, unsuccessful relationships, debts at an all time high, financial droughts year after year, opportunity after opportunity passing us by, fruitless efforts… the list goes on & on. The point where our dignity is at stake & life seems only unfair to us as the undeserving spoilt brats get to live a smooth life & get what they want, when they want…

These are the moments of despair… moments that make time to slow down as the pangs of pain seem to be elevated & exaggerated beyond our prior experiences. And with each passing day, one tends to wonder whether he/she was born to suffer; & whether destiny had a grudge with them before conception. Do problems discriminate? Do they have an invisible source lurking somewhere? That’s a question for another day…

But for now, lets focus on your one on one encounter with problems. What do you need to withstand them?



Left, right & center, they’ll keep on coming. In fact, the more you progress in life, the more the challenges arise & sometimes they do come in humongous, complicated packages. It’s said that if you can’t take the heat, then you should get out of the kitchen; because it’s in the kitchen that the pressure keeps on getting higher & higher with every meal you cook. And the more experience you gain, the higher you go in terms of cooking more complex foods. However, it’s not always smooth sailing since you’ll mess up here & there as the heat & pressure keeps piling up & despair sets in. In fact, the mistakes you make may grow with every elevation you make! Such situations require a formidable mindset fortress that can offer the needed attitude back-up in case worst comes to worst! It definitely doesn’t come easy & it will require discipline to sieve out negative meditations that make you lag behind!


You’ve got to be willing to go through your challenges & realize that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Learn to convert moments of despair into moments of ‘a step closer to victory’ by meditating on thoughts that propel you to keep pushing on! Don’t back out because sometimes it’s not about whether you can push the rock… it’s the will that counts. Just like in the gym when you find yourself lifting a weight that seemed impossible to lift, yet your will pushed you to do the seemingly impossible!


There are moments of despair that are so hurtful, it feels like a dagger has been pierced through the heart especially when you dedicate you heart, soul & mind to accomplish a certain task. One is then left wondering as to whether it’s worth the risk to go higher. It’s said that once bitten, twice shy. But have you ever thought of not letting the hurt get to your heart? You’ve got to learn to guard your heart from unkind & ruthless surprises that may dampen your spirit & tempt you to throw in the towel… only to realize later on that you were ‘this close’ to finishing your sentence in the problems prison.

It’s these three tenets of strength in moments of despair that will give you hope, because your mind is like;

“When I get there, I’ll forget that I was in despair in the first place!’

You made me do it you fool!

Everybody is responsible for his/her own actions, but when it comes to owning up to our mistakes, then that virtue become a task too difficult to deliver. Like when we feel that the mistake was triggered by someone that enraged us; this occurs especially when we’re tired & frustrated… when we don’t want to interact with anyone at all because we know that we’ll end up engaging in another argument. I’ve personally experienced two kinds of arguments; the ones that involve a controlled sense of rage & both parties are acting as complimentary thinkers. Unfortunately, most of the times I find myself caught up in arguments that simply don’t make sense!

 Such arguments can get really ugly at times… like when physical violence becomes a tempting option. But I do believe in preparing  in advance before you’re caught up by such a rude surprise. These pointers may help you in case you’re ever caught off-guard again;

You’re not a puppet of your emotions.

Anger can be controlling; particularly at that point when you feel like you’re about to explode. In fact,when you’re angry, you feel like control is slipping away as composure is gradually displaced with a sense of uneasiness & emotional anarchy. Because your concious mind looses it’s sense of the surrounding & focuses squarely on the supposed opponent.It then progresses from a reasoning session to a competing session & the only thing that’s on your mind is how to pin your foe down. From then on, the argument loses its meaning & a verbal fight ensues!

Getting physical ain’t cool.

In as much as you’re charged up to deliver that blow on someone, you should be steady enough not to make that mistake. Remember, both of you have lost your sense of composure & the verbal fight is turning out to be an ‘operation fire for fire’! So you can imagine what will ensue if you deliver that first blow, or slap for that matter!

Pent up energy needs an exhaust pipe!

Anger, just like lust, makes us get this humongous energy from nowhere… & the problem is that this energy builds up in this bubble of rage, gaining pressure with time to a point that it’s about to explode. For me, It’s taking deep breaths, pausing for a moment & gazing at my nemesis that makes me have that chance to cool down… then I later on go for swimming or cycling & use that pent up energy responsibly instead of wasting it destructively. For others, it may be a punching bag… How would you do it? I’ll leave that for you to figure out…

The less you talk, the better for you!

It won’t be a surprise that you’ll come across fools; & by fools I mean people who just want to argue with you because they find fun in simply making you angry. Or at times it may be someone who’s jealous of your achievements, status or maturity & has no other way of expressing that envy other than pissing you off. You’ll sense them in the middle of the argument… especially when they raise up irrelevant points that are contrary to the basis of the argument. It’s at this point that you should talk less as the argument progresses… always remember;

Whoever argues with a fool becomes a fool himself! Try as much as possible to avoid heated arguments at all times…

He’s on a leash & he loves it?! Why?!

If there are people I hate the most in this world, it’s those that edify themselves so as to subdue those around them… the kind that exercise psychological manipulation in order to gain complete control over their slaves. But there are guys that just love slavery because of the benefits that come with it!

I mean, they tell me straight to my face that they’re slaves that just love being slaves! They’re just normal guys like you & me that dwell among us!

But in reality, these men are under a leash… it’s like mind control or something….

However, today I’ll focus on the big 3 based on my personal statistics…

So let’s start with leash #1…

1)Financial leash

(The Cougar Edition)

When everyone talks about gold diggers, the first thing that comes to mind is women; but from my recent interactions with guys of late, it seems that the gold digging has struck a gender balance. Some are gay with an expensive taste… but most fall into the category of sugar mum addicts. And by sugar mums we do not mean the ugly 65 yr old;

I’m talking about a financially stable, hot & sexy 35 year old with a stable financial source of income & a castle befit for a princess. liberated women that just love controlling men; & not necessarily feminists in this case…

The guys in such relationships don’t mind being controlled as long as there’s money in the bank, a car, a crib & the sex is great!

2)The sexual leash

(The Blonde’s Edition)

Speaking of great sex, there are financially loaded guys that don’t believe in relationships… The kind that don’t trust women (at all) & have frequent random sex…

 & then one day;

They come across this mouth watering vixen from nowhere & the guy goes bonkers! One thing leads to another & after multiple sexual escapades with the blonde, the guy is so smitten that he obeys her every beck & call!

He buys her a car, a house, a huge diamond ring & before you know it…

The wedding bells are ringing!

And then he becomes just another victim of a post paid prostitute;

For those who don’t know what a post paid prostitute is:


3)Psychological leash.

(The intelligent woman’s Editon)

This woman does almost everything for the guy; cooking-beyond perfection; clothes-always clean & ironed; financial status- always living within their means/very stable…

But on the other hand this is the most dangerous leash of them all because the woman in this case is an alert & focused person that would exercise vengeance with utmost fury if the guy messed up!  And yet, the guy still wants her!

It doesn’t make sense right?

Until you realize…

That the guy has low self esteem!

I mean, where do you think the losers finally settle?

In the arms of a cougar? Of course not! Cougars want sexual satisfaction & the last time I checked, great sex & low self esteem don’t mix!

In the arms of a blonde? Yes… if he’s loaded… but look at the ugly billionaires? (names with held)

Which of them has a hot wife? (Once again… names with held)

In the end, the question still begs for guys on a leash…

No offence but…

Are you a dog?

Naughty sex adventures Wikileaked!

Many guys wish to be rich, famous or influential.

Or in the words of Bruno Mars, everyone wants to be a billionaire!

But not everyone will be a billionaire like Warren Buffett,

or famous like Jay Z…

However, everyone can be successful in his own capacity to a point of gaining influence amongst a certain group of people. And these people will look up to you as their source of inspiration, their mentor & most of all….

As a trophy of excellence…

But what if you reach the pinnacle of your career & a bitter ex haunts you with a secret that you never shared with your wife before you started dating?

A naughty secret to be precise; of nude pictures that you took during your escapades in campus maybe? Or after you graduated from high school?

Or maybe a hooker that decides to cash in on your success by revealing what you do during late working hours…

Picture this;

…you wake up one morning & log in to your facebook /twitter account & the trend is;

#Mr.XNaughtyAdventuresWikileaked (Presuming that you’re Mr. X)

And your phone is ringing with many calls on hold! Then you go to the front door & you notice your name on the front page of the newspaper/tabloid; you open the newspaper & on page 5, you notice your nakedness spewn all over with a bimbo who’s face has been censored(for fear of her life)…

Worse still, you don’t remember her because you were high back then…

Or how about you go to the mailbox & what do you find?

A DVD with a note threatening to expose whatever obscenetries lie within it in the next ‘X’ hours… unless you deliver this amount of cash at point ‘Y’ in 24hrs!

What if you report this to the cops & the culprit is caught? Problem solved?

Let’s see; the culprit goes to jail, sensitive info reaches wife; she files for divorce then…

Child custody goes to wife…

Crib goes to wife…

50% of finances/property goes to wife…

I mean, it’s a loose-loose situation… it all boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils…

So… to pay or not to pay is up to you!

But if you’re like me…

yet to be rich/famous/influential…

Then all I can advise you is that,

Prevention is better than cure!

Coz you don’t wanna end up in a trap that’s clearely in front of you now do you?

Unless you want to follow in the footsteps of this guy…

I mean, it’s a democratic world…Right?

She’s going… going… & now she’s gone! Was it my fault?

You’re a man & there you are doing your very best to please your woman…

yet she seems to be drawing away with each passing day.

You’ve bought her gifts;

taken her out, changed your wardrobe, created more time for her…

you’ve even tried to talk to her about the situation…

But, the harder you try, the faster the ship seems to be sinking…

So what’s the problem really?

Let’s look at some pointers here because a problem understood is half solved…

Assumptions aside…

Many women make the mistake of thinking that the guy should know everything because… hey!

He’s the guy right?

Very, very wrong…

Communication in the relationship is key! And not just the ‘emotional sign’ language that women use! There are women who surprise me when they talk of the guy having to know what they feel by instincts…

Okay, even if it happens, what makes them think that time doesn’t count? What makes these women think that the guy doesn’t need time to understand them?

These women go to the extent of destroying the guy’s reputation by gossiping to their clique based on their presumptions. Such women are the cradle of immaturity because they’re most likely drama queens that just love drama…

Just plain Rebellion!

Many women deny that they’re feminists but what if her friend is one? What kind of friends does she keep? Because our personality attributes are closely related to the kind of friends we keep! What kind of advice do her friends give her? Your man is a dog? Or that men are plain unfaithful!

Never ever as a man blame yourself for presumptions based on other men. In fact, your lady should realize that you’re responsible for your actions… in any case, you can’t take the blame of the rapist on the street simply on the basis that you’re a man…

Collective responsibility does have limits!

Does she have a plan B?

The modern day woman is so liberated that she’s bought into the lie that she has the right to cheat on her husband without accountability!

This woman then tells you that she’s meeting her friends on an escalating trend, or abruptly gets a series of new hobbies without informing you, or changes her wardrobe into more sexy lingerie without any increase in sexual activity within the confines of your relationship!

Then that should really raise eyebrows!

 She might be plain immature…

What of the possibility of harboring a drama queen? When I wrote,She’s sexy…so what? , I spoke strongly against dating insecure women that are just plain attention seekers.

So it’s your responsibility as a man to look out for the things she does to shift blame to you…. Like making you angry then accusing you of not giving her enough attention because you’re too busy at work!

Or maybe… just maybe… it wasn’t mean’t to be…

Listen my friend, you’re not superman & you can’t force a relationship to work.

You’ve got to learn to let go… you might end up getting more hurt if you continue like this.

Letting go & holding on are aspects that need courage in equal measure!

If she comes back… good for you; she may have just needed some breathing space.

But if it doesn’t work, Man up & move on…